Why Video Games are Good for Students

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By henry jackson

The most significant reasons why students should get encouraged to play video games during their academic life in order to ensure they stay relaxed and more focused to attain their academic goals.
According to a research study done on university and college students, the findings indicated that playing video games could positively impact a student’s educational outcome. Another finding was that learners that spent equal time studying and playing games scored excellent academic grades. On the same note, it was discovered that the majority of the students that had developed a work hard, play hard mentality had the habit of rewarding themselves by playing video games. Playing video games is a common habit among most students in the current generation. In some parts of the world, students are not allowed to spend time with their boyfriends and girlfriends; hence, playing games seems to be the only way to pass the time.
Parents and teachers should be cautious about how much time students spend on video games. This is because some students would spend too much time on games and neglect their academic life if they are not careful. Unfortunately, failing to prioritize your studies might lower your GPA scores. Fortunately, technological advancements have made it possible for students to monitor their GPA scores and make all the necessary changes in their schedules. With this link, students can access Peachy Essay College GPA calculator, which they can use to monitor their academic performance.
Apparently, as technology advances and game developers continue creating new and exciting games, there seems to be a new and exciting game to try daily. Luckily, as mentioned above, there are numerous benefits students can gain from playing video games, from strengthening their memory to improving their problem-solving and social skills as well as mood. On the contrary, those who do not play video games will claim that they make a student lazy, ruin their social life, and harms the brain. This article will discuss several reasons why video games are good for students.

Improved memory

If you love and enjoy playing video games, you must have realized that most of them require some serious strategies and concentration. For instance, you will need to remember how you did a particular thing to get to the next level. It is vital to note that video games have a rich source of stimuli thanks to the 3D graphics combined with immersive sound. Playing a game in the virtual world is almost similar to navigating through the real world. In essence, video games have a positive impact on students’ memory. You are exercising your hippocampus when you juggle different tasks and goals in a virtual space. The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for converting short-term memory to long-term memory and governing spatial memory. The good thing is that when students keep exercising their hippocampus, they will significantly improve their long-term memory. The funny thing is that if you are fond of forgetting your way to the store, playing video games could aid in improving your memory, especially when recalling directions.

Playing games improves a student’s spatial visualization

In addition to improving your memory, playing video games aids students in improving their visualization skills. For instance, video games on shooting enhance how students perceive objects in three dimensions. On the same note, it is believed that gamers who are good at shooting have a better way of judging the distance between different objects and a better mentality of imagining how to play with the object to fit into a specific space. These visualization skills have practical advantages, like knowing whether your clothes will fit into the closet. According to researchers, good visualization skills play a significant role, especially for students desiring to pursue STEM careers.

Improved decision-making skills

Through video games, students develop enhanced decision-making skills. A good example is a game, such as the Need for Speed, which requires the player to make quick decisions and to always remain on toes. The good thing about most energized video games is that they can improve an individual’s ability to make decisions within a short duration. The funny thing is that people playing fast-paced games are likelier to make the right decisions compared to those who play slow-paced games. Another benefit of a fast-paced game is that it helps a person make more accomplishments within a short duration. Instead of wasting time thinking about the right decision, you make quick decisions, which could help you save time that a different project could utilize.

Video games aid students in improving their problem-solving skills

Video games often challenge the players to develop solutions to the common problems they encounter while playing. By developing solutions in the virtual world, students practice how to solve complicated issues in the modern world. A study performed on students showed that students who played video games had better problem-solving skills and performed better academically compared to those who did not play games. It is vital to note that almost all genres of game-playing entail problem-solving. In addition, most of the challenges in video games are usually open-ended, so the players must strive to develop solutions through trial and error.

Game playing enhances mood

Undoubtedly, students are under constant pressure to make many accomplishments within a short duration. In most cases, students rarely have sufficient time to rest or participate in other activities besides academics. The good thing about video playing is that it provides a great way of unwinding and relaxing. The funny thing is that a simple game, such as Angry Birds, can aid in improving a student’s mood and making them happier. In essence, they are usually a great way to relax and unwind.
Parents and teachers should not deny students the freedom of playing video games, especially when they need something to assist them in unwinding and relaxing. This article has discussed different reasons why video games are good for students. Among the benefits discussed is that game playing enhances mood, improves problem-solving skills, enhances decision-making skills, improves spatial visualization, and improves memory. As a student, as much as you wish to score excellent academic grades, you should never forget to take good care of your health. Generally, you will have difficulty undertaking any activity if your health has deteriorated.