Why should you utilise artificial grass for your roof and balcony?

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First of all, you can forget about the maintenance of artificial grass as you don’t need to trim or water them and they can be installed almost anywhere inside your house. Moreover, you can easily cut and install to fit into different sizes and shapes. 

Plus artificial grass gives you much-needed comfort throughout the year because of its unique material used to manufacture such fake grass. This unique material allows for sufficient water drainage and heat dissipation. As this thing is inorganic, you can stop worrying about pests. 

Placing it on the roof

If you are staying on the top floor of an apartment, you can easily hire a professional to install artificial grass in NZ on your roof. This method will give you a small area that you can utilize for recreational purposes. The superiority of having artificial grass on your rooftop include:

  • It won’t raise the temperature and will keep your room temperature cooler inside your building.
  • These types of grasses cannot get damaged by hail, rain, snow or ice
  • It will also enable you to use the extra space to make room for private parties
  • It will also help you to increase the value of your property
  • I will also help you to create a more energy friendly space by insulating the building 

But remember, while installing artificial grass lawn on your flat rooftop, the industry recommends the use of PDS tiles. These tiles are recommended to prevent damage due to e. These tiles will help you to create a drainage channel between the roof and turf which will permit the water to run off and drain away quickly preventing the buildup of excessive amounts of water underneath the lawn.

On the Balcony

If you are populating in an apartment or condominium, probably you don’t have an access to a garden or a sprawling lawn. Still, you do want to enjoy the outdoors like view and create a tiny space for your friends to chill and party. The best way to go about it is by installing artificial grass that will give you the looks and feel of a mini garden lawn. If you want to be more creative, you can cover half portion of your balcony with artificial grass while leaving the other portion as it is. 

The best course of action about having artificial grass on the balcony is that it can be cut and be given into any shape to fit any area. Moreover, there are a variety of designs, textures and colours of artificial grass to choose from. Another best thing about having an artificial lawn on your balcony is that it reduces the heat on the balcony floor.