Why Should One Take A Defensive Driving Course?

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How Can Defensive Driving Training Benefit You In Driving?

Why Should One Take A Defensive Driving Course?

Having all the driving skills is undoubtedly a gift for any individual. If you know good driving, you can come in handy in emergencies. However, there are certain things around you that you cannot control. Extreme weather conditions, road obstacles, aggressive fellow drivers, or mechanical issues can raise questions about your safety if you do not know how to respond to these conditions.

That is why completing a defensive driving training course in Perth is recommended by driving experts. Taking such a course will teach you:

  • Safe driving techniques to control your car in an extreme situation,
  • Procedures to deal with emotional stress, physical fatigue, and potential dangers from aggressive drivers and motorists.

There are other reasons too, and in this blog, you will find several benefits of taking defensive lessons in Perth.

  1. Efficient Driving (cost-efficient)

The most significant benefit of knowing defensive driving is that you can save a lot of money regarding insurance fees and repair expenses. In Australia, you can save from 10% to 20% on insurance and motor parts replacement.

Another way to save your cost as a defensive driver in Australia can be your insurance. As a good number of insurance companies give discounts for certified defensive drivers, you may end up depositing lower insurance premiums.

However, there is a standard method that you must follow to enjoy this benefit. To secure their investment, insurance providers want the drivers to be as safe as possible. Thus, if you can prove that you are a safe driver by showing your certificate, the provider will be willing to reduce your insurance premium amount at the time of application.

  1. Lesser Fines

If you currently have records of driving violations, completing a defensive driving course from a driving school Perth can remove some points from your driving record. Having too many points can cost you heavily in the following ways.

  • You may end up paying hefty fines.
  • Your license may get suspended.
  • As a result, if you are not allowed to drive, you will need to book cabs or travel by public transport every time.

On the other hand, completing a defensive driving schools South Morang can effectively help you keep the driving record clean.


  1. Emergency Driving Techniques

Whether you go for a long drive or take your car to the departmental store a few blocks away, road hazards can always be present. The best way to confirm your safety is to put yourself in a position to avoid potential dangers. With defensive driving training Perth, you will learn how to anticipate and react to several hazards like:

  • Careless actions by aggressive drivers,
  • Poor road conditions,
  • Decreased visibility, and
  • Issues related to emotional and physical states.
  1. Learn Driving Rules

Driving rules are usually different in different Australian states. For example, if you drive in New South Wales, you must remember that you will need to maintain a 3-second gap from the car running in front of you. Being intoxicated with alcohol is considered a serious punishable offence in most Australian states, and thus you should be very careful about that.

While attending a defensive driving school, you will better understand traffic rules and learn how to drive on Australian roads safely. This way, you can avoid serious injuries.

  1. Being Aware Of The Driving Conditions and Road Conditions

Whether you are an experienced driver or a beginner, you can constantly improve your techniques and knowledge in this area. You will learn in-depth knowledge and methods according to road and weather conditions in a defensive driving course. You should keep in mind that you cannot control what happens on the road, but having the necessary defensive skills will undoubtedly help you overcome potential road hazards.

How to choose a defensive driving school?

Completing a defensive driving course is the key if you want to ensure maximum safety while being in the driver’s seat. Here we discuss several steps to follow in choosing the best driving school for you.

  1. Check Whether The School Has Approval By The Government

First, you should check whether the school has the proper approval from the government. If you search by typing ‘driving school near me’ on the Google search bar, you will come across several driving schools. However, some of them may be non-accredited and will not provide significant benefits. That is why you should choose only government-approved schools.

  1. Check its cost

The next important thing you have to consider while selecting your driving school is how much it costs. Some defensive driving schools charge higher than others for taking driving lessons. However, you should remember that investing money may not assure quality learning, and thus, you should check the reviews.

Most experts suggest that you choose a driving school that provides top-quality training at a much reasonable fee. Another factor you need to consider is whether or not the school offers both practical and theoretical lessons. A defensive driving course Perth should include:

  • Driving according to traffic rules.
  • Tackling busy road conditions.
  • Dealing with extreme road and weather conditions.


  1. Start early

For making any important decision, it is essential to start your preparations much earlier. One of the significant advantages of starting early is finding a lot of time and thus avoiding missing out on any vital requirement.

There are many driving schools in Perth and surrounding areas providing top-rated defensive driving lessons to the residents. However, while selecting, you should check their websites to see if the instructors appointed there are highly experienced.

  1. Ask your family or friends

If you’re not satisfied with the information available on the websites, you can contact your friends or family members who have benefited from the training. They can help you with all the necessary details you should know before joining the course.

Irrespective of choosing your driving school Perth, you should remember that quality should always be your priority.