Why Scavenger Hunts for Adults Can Be Beneficial

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By James Smith

When you think of a scavenger hunt, you may picture kids running around, trying to beat each other at finding items. This same sense of mystery and excitement that attracts children to the hunts can also be experienced by adults. These hunts have developed in popularity recently for employee and friend groups. Here is some more information on how group scavenger hunts for adults can be beneficial in building solid work relationships, encouraging teamwork, and developing business skills:

Promotes Teamwork and Collaborative Relationships

These hunts are beneficial because you must work with others just like in your department or company. It may be in pairs, a trio, or an entire team. As you work together, this helps create a positive environment for the team as you figure out clues to find your elusive item. You might get to know someone you don’t usually talk to and forge new friendships through the activity, which will encourage you to work together back in the office to solve a department issue.

An organized scavenger hunt promotes teamwork because people work together to solve mental or physical puzzles. One person may be good at managing the team and designating certain tasks for specific players. Another person may be able to think outside the box to solve clues or navigate locations.

Each person can play a role based on their strengths, such as being able to remember trivia or solve a riddle. Someone may take on the role of cheerleader to encourage others in the challenges. You can build bonds with your team members that last outside the game. These hunts teach people how to work together to reach a common goal.

Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

These hunts are brain games, requiring players to think through clues to find out their next step. Each clue must be figured out before you move to the next location, which may require solving complicated puzzles. Your team may have to figure out a code or identify certain objects.

Because these hunts engage your brain, they can help strengthen it for other tasks in the office. You can use critical thinking skills to help you solve an issue with a client or to overcome an obstacle in a work project. Scavenger hunts are a fun way to keep your brain active while taking a break from daily tasks.

Improve Problem-solving Abilities

Many of the questions require players to learn to think differently to solve a problem. The task may have your team recreate a famous painting or statue. You may be required to solve a riddle or decipher a code that tells them their next step.

Problem-solving helps the team move forward in their goal to reach the end first or to gather the most objects. Being able to think about things differently and problem-solve can improve their ability to find resolutions for issues at work.

Encourage Creativity

One of the best aspects of these hunts is the creativity involved. Whether you’re working with a clue or answering a trivia question, it works the creative side of your brain. You may have a puzzle to solve or be given instructions to collect certain items.

When you practice thinking creatively to solve a riddle or clue during a scavenger hunt, it helps you develop those skills to think more creatively at work. Many clues have more than one way to solve them. It allows your team to learn how to think outside the box.

Help Build Relationships

You can get to know your coworkers as you work together to solve clues. Coworkers who seldom interact in person and only through email or over the phone may enjoy learning more about each other in a fun environment.

These hunts may help improve employee retention through new relationships. As people develop friendships with each other, it helps improve employee satisfaction. When employees enjoy their coworkers, they are less likely to look for another job.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt With Your Team

Now that you know the benefits of having one of these scavenger hunts, you can plan one for your own team. Whether it’s a department or the entire company participating, you may see the benefits long after the hunt has been completed.

As you race to solve clues and reach the finish line, you’ll work as a team. You’ll solve problems and come up with creative answers to challenges while encouraging each other to succeed. You can bring these same attitudes and skills to the office. Plan your adult scavenger hunt to see the results for your employees.