Why New Businesses Should Think About the Team Extension Model

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Gartner identified the rapid usage of technologies and digital transformation as the top business trends for the future years. So it should come as no surprise that many businesses worldwide are now giving custom software development considerable thought. While some already have internal development teams with all the required specialists, others struggle to locate suitable technology partners to supplement their tiny teams, which can be lacking in some crucial knowledge or abilities.

Model Overview

Team extension, often known as staff augmentation, is a kind of engagement strategy that enables business owners to enhance the value of their IT-related initiatives with the aid of outside expertise. With the help of seasoned IT outstaffing software developers hired by an outsourced vendor, the strategy enables customers to strengthen their internal teams. With this, the customer’s internal specialists manage and supervise the entire project.

When internal development teams could be short on critical software development talents needed to finish a project, the Extension Team model is highly sought after across enterprises. In order to increase their personnel, businesses frequently require some short-term support.

The concept enables companies to hire seasoned software engineers and consultants from the IT outsourcing service provider for a certain (often brief) period. Due to the difficulty of the project scaling up, the extended team appears to be the ideal choice for small and medium-sized firms to solve resource-intensive activities as workloads increase.

How Does a Team Extension Work?

The majority of startups fail. 70 percent of startups fail, according to studies. The main factors that lead companies to close their doors within four years of their debut are a lack of market demand, a lack of financial resources, intense competition, a subpar product, and an ineffective staff or lack of competence.

In general, outsourcing an IT team extension is a rather easy and uncomplicated operation. Well-known outsourcing firms all over the world provide this kind of service. The Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and other nations in Eastern Europe are among the top locations for outsourcing software development, as you are surely aware.

These businesses typically have a long history in the IT industry, sometimes even decades, so they have special access to a large talent pool of software engineers with a variety of talents, knowledge of programming languages, and other abilities. They can find and put together a team swiftly following your specifications, giving them a competitive edge over competing agencies.

How Team Extension Services Can Boost the IT Department of Your Startup

Make Onboarding Simpler

Even for your ongoing project, you can install a team extension model right away to simplify and improve the onboarding of committed developers. Agile approaches are widely used by outsourcing IT organizations in all phases of product development, including the hiring process.

Grant Team Members Power

By using staff augmentation services, outsourcing company professionals can assist your current team in strengthening their technical proficiency, learning about project management tools, managing processes, and more.

Improve the Process of Working

Both your internal team and your remote workforce can develop a pleasant working style. The professionals you retain can assist you in conducting business most effectively while maintaining open lines of communication with all team members.

Expand Your Product Development Team for Startups

You can extend the workforce with the necessary critical competencies while scaling your current work methodology. With the team extension model, you can speed up your workflow, enhance productivity, and contribute more value by having on-demand access to dedicated engineers.


Each business approaches software development differently. Software outsourcing businesses, therefore, provide a variety of models to accommodate the requirements of various projects.

The best technical IT abilities are at your disposal with the growth of personnel and the examples of a committed team. You might anticipate that the developers you hire will build expertise and experience in your specialized field. They should ideally be integrated into your internal team and treated as an employee of your business. You can scale up or reduce your extension team later on depending on your business goals.

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