Why Do We Need to Follow The Proper Procedures of Aircraft Ground Handling?

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Aircraft ground handling services and procedures are considered the backbone of the aviation industry in every airport. Ground handling is also the most critical and precision-oriented task at the airport.

Responsibilities Of Ground Handlers

Ground handling team makes sure that any aircraft landing at the airport or taking off from the airport is under their safety operations. The ground handling team is always on their toes to manage all aircraft requirements. Minor negligence can cause massive loss of lives, and at the same time, substantial financial losses can also be incurred.

Safety of Passengers and Aircraft

As we know, airports consider the most crowded places worldwide. Multiple flights land and take off each day. Our ground handling team is the solely responsible department for this complete operations from landing to take-off. We have specific time-oriented deadlines for clearing any aircraft and preparing it for the next flight.
They work with high integration and mind presence. All procedures are critically followed to avoid any incident which can cause harm to the passengers or the aircraft. Their task is to safely offload the passengers from the aircraft and then examine the aircraft for any mechanical fault or technical problem. If all the procedures are not followed correctly, it can cause a massive loss of time, and it can also bring damage to the aircraft.

Luggage Clearance Process

Our  ground handling team cleared the baggage for the aircraft well organized in groups so that passengers did not get into any hassle of waiting for their luggage. It is also essential that the team divert the luggage to that particular area from which passengers from the same flight are going towards the airport exit. Minor negligence can cause considerable delays in the ground handling procedure.

Aircraft Cleaning and Maintenance Procedure

It is also crucial for the ground handing team to clear, clean and maintain the aircraft as per the exact requirements of the passengers. This task again requires significant efficiency and effectiveness without any delay or compromise. For example, toilets need to be well maintained and cleaned before the arrival of new passengers on the aircraft. At the same time, we focus on complete cleaning process. Also it needs to be done within a given time slot without compromising the quality.

Luggage Loading

As luggage offloading is essential and requires good time efficiency. Luggage reloading is also considered to be a basic procedure. First, bags should be well placed as per their different sizes in the aircraft. Although specific height and weight are allowed, multiple things require unique treatments. Secondly, many passengers carry sensitive and sometimes dangerous products which need to be specially catered by our handling team and need to follow the procedure of informing the crew members in their complete report.

Inspection, Refueling and Towing of the Aircraft

The most important process is known to be an inspection of the aircraft. As soon as the aircraft is parked in its designated place, it is inspected by highly trained personnel. Engines, wings, and aircraft equipment are critically examined and analyzed. There is no room for any mistake as it can create a massive loss of lives and the company’s reputation. Finally, refueling as per the exact requirement of the aircraft is done. So that it can make it to its next flight easily. Last but not least, towing the aircraft is also a crucial task as it requires heavy training and vast experience as the lives of many people and complete aircraft are at stake.


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