Why Car Transport Services Are a Safe and Reliable Option for Car Shipping

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By Marilyn Royce

Whether you’re moving across the state or country, car shipping services can help make your move easier. They can save you time by eliminating the need for driving and the stress of lining up travel plans with work or family. Many auto transport companies offer door-to-door service, making the process even more convenient. In addition, it’s usually cheaper to ship a car during the fall.


What are the benefits of car transport services? Car shipping services help relieve the stress of long road trips that can strain your vehicle. Whether a snowbird is moving to warmer climates for the winter or a car collector is transporting an exotic or classic vehicle to an auto show, car shipping services can get your car where it needs to be without adding unnecessary wear and tear. The cost of car shipping depends on the type of service you select. Companies that drive vehicles to their destination will always be cheaper than single-car trailers or enclosed transportation, as these options require specialist equipment to load and unload vehicles. When choosing a car shipping company, read online reviews and check their carrier vetting policy. Some companies offer public records searches and big data analytics to identify alarming patterns in driver behavior that could indicate poor safety practices.


The best car shipping companies offer a wide variety of convenience features. These include price lock guarantees, free car washes, and guaranteed pickup dates. In addition, the most reliable companies provide customer service that is available 24/7. They also have transparent policies regarding driver history, such as the driver’s scorecard, which shows carriers’ and customers’ ratings and reviews. Most car transport services specialize in cars, but some can ship other types of vehicles and even household items. Those specializing in auto transport have more experience and can provide better pricing for specialty vehicles. It is essential to make sure that your car is in running condition before it gets shipped. The more information you can give the driver about your vehicle, the better. For example, it is essential to explain quirky features like kill switches and alarms so that the carrier can make the appropriate arrangements to keep your vehicle safe and sound during transit.


Long road trips take a toll on your vehicle, so car shipping services are a great way to save yourself from wear and tear. Whether moving to a new home, going to an auto show, or simply traveling to a friend’s house for a visit, you can avoid the stress of driving your car by using car transport services. Many car shipping companies offer a variety of benefits to their customers, such as price lock guarantees and guaranteed pickup dates. These bonuses can help you save money and make the process more efficient. When choosing a car shipping service, you should look for customer reviews and insurance policies. A reliable company should have at least $2 million in cargo liability insurance to protect your car. Some car shipping services have additional features like vetting their drivers with public records searches and big data analytics. This ensures that only qualified carriers will pick up and deliver your car.


When choosing a car shipping company, comparing prices and looking for special offers and discounts are essential. Some companies offer price lock guarantees, free car washes, and other rewards that add value to their services. Shipping a car also saves on maintenance costs, as it keeps the vehicle off the road and protects it from weather damage and small debris that can accumulate over time when driving. Auto transport rates are typically higher during certain months due to increased demand. Summer is the busiest season for the industry as people move home after college, students return to school, and families relocate.

Similarly, January is expensive to ship cars as many people travel to warmer areas to escape the winter weather. In addition, high fuel prices raise operating costs for car shipping companies and can be passed on to consumers. Those looking to save on auto transport can consider shipping in the fall when demand is low.