Why And Which Technology Is Best To Design Custom Packaging

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Technology has altered our lives in many ways. The world has changed much in the last few years. This includes changes in every field such as education, electronics, health, etc. Technology has mostly altered our lives positively, however, this is not the case always. It has played its role in the packaging field as well and is still doing so. The following aims to tell you about the impact of technology upon custom packaging design and printing.

We aim to discuss which technology is best for this and why this is so:

Offset Printing Technology

When using this technology, the inked image gets sent from a plate particularly to the blanket. When this procedure is over, it will be sent to the printing surface. The technology can be applied to certain products such as paper, cardboard material, etc. When offset printing has been used on the boxes, people then employ lamination on them. Here different options can be selected. It includes Matte or even Gloss lamination.

After this, the boxes are cut or die-cut into different styles, shapes, as well as sizes. You can add windows to them also. This technology is used by many.

Benefits Of Offset Printing Technology

The following are some benefits of offset printing technology:

  • It is economical therefore the boxes made with it are cheap. This is especially true for those who are ordering in large quantities.
  • Printing quality is amazing. The technology improves how long the printing will remain on the material.
  • The technology can be used on different stocks such as cardboard, Kraft, paper, corrugated, as well as rigid. It is therefore versatile.
  • The printing occurs quickly if you are utilizing this method.
  • The technology allows boxes to look alluring therefore customers are drawn towards them and sales can increase.
  • You can increase brand awareness by printing important details about your business on the box, such as its logo.
  • Good for commercial printing because the plates are simple to set up.

Custom packaging boxes made like this will be unique and they can stand out in front of the competition.

Flexographic Printing Procedure

Another way to design custom packaging wholesale is by considering the flexographic printing method. It needs a multi-color printing machine that is for web as well as flat paper. The flat paper printing machine possesses a preprinted printing kind of printing paper. The direct printing of your corrugated cardboard is possible online.

This printing process intermingles the advantages of the gravure printing process, letterpress,  as well as lithographic printing processes. Due to the fact that the printing plate tends to be flexible, it is said that the printing pressure will be much lighter in comparison to other procedures.

Advantages Of The Flexographic Printing Process

Your custom packaging will have the following advantages if you pursue the flexographic printing process:

  • The printing ink is thick and clear.
  • The quality will be good.
  • The process can print on glossy surface paperboard as well as rough surface paperboard. Non-absorbent material along with print absorbent paperboard can be printed on as well.
  • You can follow this method on thin and also thick paper.
  • The method is good for printing fine mesh along with line versions, moreover, it can print line and solid versions of spot color.

Digital Printing

Digital printing for custom packaging boxes has to meet the established quality plus applications expectations found in traditional offset as well as flexo processes. It has to do this differently. Digital print technology will not require a separate place for every print run. This is needed with an offset along with flexo printing. With digital printing, all colors get printed within a single pass.

If you do not need to continuously replace plates, you will save money and time. Digital printing allows one to print upon the substrate with the coating. The consumer can get an actual piece. They will not get proof. There is flexibility present with digital orienting as well.

3D Printing Technology

3D printing or additive manufacturing tends to be a way of developing a three-dimensional object layer-by-layer employing a computer-created design. It includes an additive procedure where layers of material get to build up to produce a 3D part. The printing method results in less material wastage.

3D printing is good for creating complex and bespoken items, therefore being perfect for rapid prototyping. Three kinds of 3D printing technology can get used. This includes sintering, melting as well as stereolithography.

These are able to create attractive and modern-looking custom packaging wholesale boxes that stand out and attract.

Technology For Corrugated Cardboard

Good packaging material includes cardboard. The technology behind this is amazing. Corrugated cardboard consists of the combination of two sheets particularly of paper known as “cover”. These are glued to the corrugated paper referred to as “core”. The three layers of these papers get assembled which provides the overall structure with much strength.

The construction produces a series of connected arches, that are famous for their amazing potential to handle weights. This is why these boxes are used for shipping purposes as they are strong. The technology and machine to create this are amazing. It can make boxes customized according to the needs of the client.

There are many technologies present when it comes to designing custom packaging. You need to know which one will be suited to your product and will attract the most customers towards it. Check out the pros and cons of each method. It is important to keep your budget in mind as well and choose something that will be reasonably priced. Select strong boxes and the best technologies so that you can give your customers a good impression which will last. Packaging is the first impression you give to customers so make sure that it is good as this impression will last.