Who needs a chainsaw with battery?

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A chainsaw with a battery is a lightweight alternative to a wired device. goldblatt dust free sander mainly these models are recommended for private use. Their performance is sufficient for the resulting gardening work. In addition, compared to petrol and electric chainsaws, they score with a lower dead weight and more freedom of movement.

Another advantage is that the cordless tools work particularly quietly. Accordingly, you do not need hearing protection during use. In summary, chainsaws with batteries are suitable for private users who are looking for a lightweight and flexible tool for cutting wood or hedges.

For which areas of application are cordless chainsaws suitable?

Due to their lightweight construction and performance, chainsaws with batteries are suitable for normal gardening, such as:

  • Hedge cutting
  • Separating branches
  • Sawing firewood

As these examples show, the cordless chainsaw can easily serve as a replacement for hedge trimmers or pruning shears. It is also particularly often used in private households to cut hardwood trunks. Cheap cordless chainsaws are also well equipped for these tasks. However, before buying, you should read carefully for which areas of application the manufacturer recommends his device. For example, not every cordless chainsaw is suitable for branches that are particularly thick. If you attach great importance to this application, a powerful chainsaw is recommended. Some models can easily cut through branches up to 16 centimeters in diameter.

From which brands do recommend cordless chainsaws come?

If you want to buy a cordless chainsaw, you should not be satisfied with the first model. Especially very cheap devices are often not recommended in terms of quality. For example, they weigh comparatively high or their battery runs out particularly quickly. However, there are several manufacturers who are known for their high-quality cordless tools. Brands, where you can buy powerful chainsaws with battery, include:

  • Bosch
  • Makita
  • Einhell
  • Stihl
  • Fuxtec
  • Dewalt
  • Ferrex
  • Florabest

Several suppliers sell the cordless chainsaws in a set with the battery and the charger. If you already own cordless tools from a manufacturer, it may make sense to remain loyal to this brand. Often the batteries and chargers are compatible with all branded products. It does not matter whether the other devices are trimmers, push buttons or band saws with batteries. This means that if you already have a charger, you do not need to buy another one for the cordless chainsaw of the same brand.

What accessories do you get for a chainsaw with battery?

If you decide to buy the chainsaw in a set, think in advance about which accessories you really need. This depends on which applications the cordless chainsaw should cover. If, for example, you also want to cut high hedges with it or best drum floor sander , a telescopic rod can be useful. Thanks to it, you can equip the cordless chainsaw with an extension. Corresponding telescopic cordless chainsaws are sometimes also offered as high switches. Regardless of the area of application of the chainsaw, you need a battery for it. If its energy is coming to an end, you can still continue your work thanks to a replacement battery. With cordless chainsaws with chargers, pay attention to easy operation.