Who is Rose Bundy? A Look into the Life of Ted Bundy’s Daughter 

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By Sophia James

Ted Bundy is known as the notorious serial killer who was accused of killing 30 identified victims. Rose Bundy is recognized as the only child of Ted Bundy and Carole Anne Boone the tragic love story of the couple has always been a question to the Media. Countless people love to be recognized and famous for moral reasons. But nobody wants to have fame controversially. Hence, negative publicity is avoided because it comes with many consequences. The case is with Rose Bundy, Ted Bundy’s daughter, who has experienced a limed light life since birth.   

Who is Rose Bundy? 

Besides, Rose Bundy is known as Ted Bundy’s daughter. Rose Bundy’s age is 41 years as of 2023. She was delivered on 4th October 1982, and her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is a middle-aged lady who prefers to live away from the media. Despite all the attention she had gotten because of his father. She never made herself a public figure and kept her life private. 

How was Rose Bundy relationship with her parents? 

Parent relationships had the most significant impact on children’s perceptions of relationships. Although the media often portrayed the love story of Ted Bundy and Carole Boone as love beyond the death penalty, it’s not how it looks; however, their unconventional marriage didn’t last forever upon their separation; It is not clear what kind of relationship Rose Bundy had with her parents, as she never speaks up publicly about her family or her life. However, during their divorce, Carole’s mother of Rose took her with her and changed her name to escape the notoriety of her father’s crimes. Looking at the trauma the little child faces plus the circumstances associated with her bringing, it unfolds that she had a very complicated relationship with her parents whatsoever without direct perm enlists with Rose. It is not clear what kind of relationship they had. 

Where is Rose now? 

As there is very little information available in the media about Rose, it can’t be clear where she is now; it is believed that her mother changed her name and moved away to start a new life, possibly with her relatives. The Sun notes that it’s likely that 6-year-old Rose was never allowed to contact her dad before his execution. It’s also likely Boone has since changed her and Rose’s names. And who can blame them? Some sources suggested that she may have changed her name again since that and been permitted to live on her own. 


Rose Bundy is the only child of Ted Bundy and his ex-wife Carole Anne Boone. She prefers to live away from the media, and it is unclear what kind of relationship she had with her parents. After her father’s execution, it is believed that her mother changed her name and moved away to start a new life with her relatives. 


Q1: What is Rose Bundy’s new name? 

She might have changed her name to Abigail Griffin. 

Q2: Who is Rose Bundy’s Mom? 

Carole Ann Boone is Rose Bundy’s mom.

Q3: Is Rose Bundy Ted Bundy’s biological daughter?

Yes, she is his first and only biological child.