What Are The Top Brands Of Electric Bikes Made In The USA?

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By Uma

What top brand electric bikes are made in the USA can be a great question. The market for electric bikes has expanded tremendously over the ten years. Due to the increased popularity of electric vehicles, low operating costs, and more affordable materials for battery packs. So there are over 10,000 different bicycle models available in the US from hundreds of manufacturers. With so many companies making electric bikes and Chinese brands, finding the best electric bikes that fit your profile and budget can be challenging. 

So check out the list of some of the best e-bikes made in the USA that can function in the urban environment and be used for daily activities in a more adventurous setting. 

What E-Bikes Are Made In The USA:

  1. Roadster V2:

The Ride1Up Roadster is an affordable, lightweight e-bike that looks like a regular road bike. Whereas, this electric bike weighs 33 lbs (15kg) and has its battery and controller integrated into its compact frame. 

It contains a 350W geared hub motor, 36V 7Ah lithium-ion battery, rim brakes (160mm mechanical disc brakes on the gravel version), a single-driven 700C tires. 

The Roadster V2 features a single-speed belt drive, internal Samsung Cells, a compact LCD, and a fully smoothed alloy frame. It is also perfect for flat surfaces and urban commutes.


  • Riders Weight Limit: 275 lbs (125kgs)
  • Motor: 350W Geared Hub Motor
  • Range: Up to 20-30 Miles per charge
  • Battery: 36V 7.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Speed: 24 MPH



1. It is lightweight  1. It is not very powerful
2. It is a stealth e-bike 2. Its low-capacity battery can cover only 25 miles on a single charge
3. Great value for money 3. No accessories 
4. It has hill climbing capability  4. It doesn’t come with a suspension 
  1. Radexpand 5:

the Radexpand 5 measures up to 41 inches in length and 29 inches in height when folded almost half its dimensions. It comes with a 48V 14 Ah lithium-ion battery that guarantees up to 45 miles when fully charged.

This latest folding electric bike made in the USA has fatter tires to tackle adventures and rough terrains. However, it has a rear rack (max weight capacity: 55 lbs), front and rear lights, and a pair of full-length fenders. It’s not perfect, though, as the new generation bikes don’t come with front or rear suspension.

Moreover, the motorcycle includes; 4″ wide tires, 180mm mechanical disc brakes, a 7-speed drivetrain, and a rear-mounted kickstand.


  • Riders Weight Limit: 275 lbs (125 kgs)
  • Motor: 750W Brushless Hub Motor
  • Range: Up to 25-45 Miles per charge
  • Battery: 48V, 14 Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Speed: 20 MPH



1. It is a great utility bike and can support up to 300 lbs (136 kg) 1. The bike has no suspension
2. It can fit in smaller spaces 2. It is a very heavy e-bike
3. It is very affordable 
  1. Lectric XP 2.0:

The Lectric XP 2.0 is another foldable e-bike that might interest riders looking for portable battery-powered bicycles made by brands in the USA. Additionally, this e-bike comes with a 500W brushless geared hub motor that can reportedly release up to 850 Watts of power at peak performance.

The bike’s 460.8Wh battery integrates into its frame and can remove by folding the bike in half. However, its flat tires, coupled with adjustable front fork suspension, are designed to power through all types of terrain


  • Riders Weight Limit: 300 lbs (150 kgs)
  • Motor: 500W Brushless Geared Rear Hub Motor
  • Range: Up to 45+ Miles per charge
  • Battery: 48V, 9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Speed: 28MPH



1. It is very affordable, under $1000 1. Battery is tiny
2. It comes with a front suspension fork 2. Poor mechanism
3. The display of this e-bike is very advanced than others
4. It has an excellent rear rack (75 lbs capacity).


 What top brand electric bikes are made in the USA is hard to explain as these e-bikes companies built cycles with unique features. Therefore, due to the massive rise in the popularity of e-bikes, new manufacturers will also begin to appear with innovative, brand-new offerings in the future.