What Questions Do You Have About Sleep?

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For many people, sleep has become an elusive dream during the pandemic. Terms like “coronasomnia” or “Covid-somnia” have sprung up to describe any sleep disruption caused by the stress of living through a global health crisis. Maybe anxiety is getting in the way of you falling asleep. Or you’re having nightmares about being trapped in a crowd without masks. Sacrificing precious hours of sleep just to get some time to yourself for fun? (That one’s become known as “revenge bedtime procrastination.”) Or are the conditions you need for a good night’s sleep, like not doing your day job from bed, simply out of whack.

No matter what your sleep affliction is, it’s important to solve it. Making sure that you regularly get good sleep can boost your mental health, protect you from chronic diseases and according to a study published just this week, may even ward off dementia in middle age.

So, the Well desk wants to help. We want to know what’s keeping you from great, consistent, restful sleep. And what you most want to hear from sleep experts about how to get more and better rest? Are you looking for advice on how to fall back to sleep after waking? Wondering about medications or supplements? Or just need to know what to do when your partner snores so loudly that you can’t sleep in the same room?

For an upcoming story about sleep, submit your questions below along with a few details about yourself. Because of the large number of submissions, we can answer only select questions. Some questions may be edited before posting. If we select your question, a reporter may be in touch.

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