What Makes You Spend More Time in the Kitchen

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By Marilyn Royce

These days, in this modern age, with everything in life being so fast-paced, can be hard to find the time and motivation to cook or prepare meals for yourself or either your family. But, there is something therapeutic when you start spending time in the kitchen and actually put thought into every dish or meal you prepare. Of course, simple recipes you can find on the internet or in cooking books can be helpful, but what people might have been missing all this time is some real inspiration. As researches show, turns out that spending time in the kitchen while cooking or preparing meals has a lot of positive impacts on an individual’s psychological health.

Kitchen design


If you’ll spend most of your quality time in the kitchen, then its design is really important. Having a good and practical kitchen is what you should look for first thing when either building a new home or buying a new one. No matter how big or small a kitchen is, it should be an extension of your and your family’s lifestyle.  A kitchen expands far beyond style. A kitchen is what you make of it.

It is always possible to design a kitchen that creates memories and brings you joy. Having a kitchen you’ve always wanted may require a little more work than most spaces, but is worth the effort to make it your own.

Hire a contractor

The way you intend to use your kitchen is unique to you and to achieve the most from your design you will need to give careful consideration to how to maximize your kitchen to need your needs. Renovating your kitchen may be an option to explore in customizing your space to fit your needs. Kitchens are inevitably about functionality, therefore having the right design will determine its use. Whether you are a parent on the go or an all-around chef, your kitchen should reflect your personality and lifestyle. You want to take control of your kitchen to fit your needs, not the other way around.

Hiring a professional contractor is the greatest investment you can make. Kitchen remodeling can seem to be easy and fun to do yourself but we don’t suggest taking the risk, since you’ll spend most of the time in the kitchen, it needs to be done by professionals.\


There are professional contractors who can help you create the kitchen of your dreams, so you will be making a great investment.

Coffee corner 

 A great thing to add to your kitchen is The Coffe Corner. You can make a special space in your kitchen where you can stack your coffee mugs, coffee machine, and different coffee appliances. You can also add a small table and two chairs for it to look better. This way you can enjoy your coffee more. 

You can also get ideas for your coffee corner on the internet. You can find different styles and different colors, so you can choose whichever suits your kitchen best.


The kitchen is the soul of the house

Research says that spending time in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and preparing meals can positively affect a person’s mood. It can help you get your mind off the daily things and relax while preparing your and your family’s meal.  There are a lot of sayings that refer to the kitchen as the soul of the house. Just think about it; the kitchen is where everyone gathers around to have their meals. Share their stories while at the table. Even the most meaningful conversations are usually done while preparing the meal. Also, prayers are said while at the table. In the same way, cooking also builds a sense of trust ( in yourself and in other people ), purpose, belonging, intimacy, and closeness; all of which are significant contributors to one’s mental health.


So, basically, spending time in the kitchen can help you connect with your family and yourself. It’s where all the magic happens/ The kitchen is where most of the good memories are made. And good memories are what a home is made of.