What is the Value of the Certificate?

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What is the value of the Cisco certificate? Now more and more people are joining the ranks of the certification exams, in fact, there is nothing wrong with the certification itself. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to be certified. What’s wrong is that some people take the certificate test for the certificate go for “exam and use the certificate as a springboard to find a high-paying job, which is not wrong in itself. The purpose of certification is also to provide employers with qualified professionals and technicians who meet the technical requirements of the industry.

In fact, it should be like this. All kinds of certificates have their value. Through systematic training, plus enough experience and serious preparation, there is generally no problem in passing the certification, because the ability to pass the certification should also be competent for the corresponding work. This point is much better done abroad. In the United States, with just one CCNA, his monthly income is 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars.

CCNP is more, and CCIE is not to be mentioned. But in China, almost no one wants CCNA, CCNP is okay, and Chinese companies especially like CCIE. Is this related to the rapid development of China’s IT technology, so that only CCNP and CCIE can be competent for related jobs? Maybe the situation is worse, what is the reason? In fact, there is an inevitable connection with China’s traditional education system, a friend once joked that “everything changes when it arrives in China.”Yes, the Chinese have always been good at exams, this is not sarcasm, is the truth.

Look at those international certifications that are very difficult to pass abroad! In China, it is just a piece of cake, almost 100% pass, and the number of people who do not pass is not enough to mention. It is because of these! That the original priceless certificate has lost its original function, at least some of them are. (Except for those who are really experienced and certified; except for those who are determined to engage in related industries in the future to obtain certificates through their own hard work)

Some employers are reluctant to ask those who only take paper, because even if you can pass the test with paper, but to a large extent, you will be unable to stand the test of practice, and others will no longer be able to trust you. You must know that if you have no real ability in any line of work, you must not go far! In this case, the certificate can only be more fully shows that you are not worthy of reuse. Because the certificates are all fake, it means that there is a problem with the certification, so who would dare to use you.

Credentials can only increase in value as your abilities grow. It is no exaggeration, even if you are a CCNA, but you are widely involved in network technology, have rich experience, and can keep pace with the times, constantly accept new technologies, play with CISCO equipment, and other important related technologies! Then your value of CCNA’s LICENSE must be no less than CCIE. What kind of certifications were there before? How did the engineers in the networking industry succeed, some of whom had never even heard of Cisco!

In short, a certificate is just a proof that you show the employer that you have the corresponding skills. It does not explain the ability. A certificate is required, but it is only a proof. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you can do it well. The experience gained in practical work can be transformed into ability. In this regard, the certificate is a stepping stone, and only a stepping stone. Even if a certificate may only have value to you, realize that it can only represent the past, not the future.

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