What is the prospect of PMP certification? Is it difficult to obtain?

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PMP refers to project management professionals. This is a certification for project management professionals. The PMP exam is organized by PMI and is offered in more than 206 countries and regions around the world.

It is currently the most valuable certification in project management. Obtaining a PMP certificate can not only improve a project manager’s ability to lead a project, but also demonstrate his or her personal competitiveness. It is a symbol of the status of project management professionals.

So what is the prospect of PMP certification?

1. The potential to become a major career choice.

In terms of wages, having PMP certification online will bring you more and more wages. According to the survey, since 2000, the number of people obtaining PMP certification has increased by more than 37 times. In addition, the number of people who have obtained PMP certification worldwide has reached 200,000. 

Therefore, “Business Week” boldly predicts that in the next 10 years, PMP will surpass MBA and become the most popular management talent for enterprises. “Fortune” magazine predicts that project management (PM) will become the main career choice in the 21st century

2.Recognition from global project management professionals.

Project management is widely used in aerospace, communications, electronics, computers, software development, construction, finance, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and even government departments. 

PMP certification has been recognized by global project management professionals. In IBM, GE, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, DHL, Ford and other internationally well-known corporate organizations, the number of people with PMP certification is about 10,000.

3.China needs 700,000 PMP-certified project management talents.

In China, PMP certification in Portland has attracted widespread attention from Chinese project management professionals, news media, government agencies, and commercial fields. In the human resources market, the supply of PMP project managers is far from being able to meet the massive demands of domestic enterprises. PMP has become the “golden profession” leading to success. 

According to the survey, 86% of companies with annual sales revenue of more than US$500 million have hired project managers who have obtained the certification. International investment bankers believe that China is becoming the world’s largest project factory.

Project management talents have become the most in short supply in China. At the same time, it is also a new hot spot for multinational companies entering China to compete for talents 

Is it difficult to obtain PMP certification?

The difficulty of obtaining PMP certification lies in its great value.

Although the Spoto PMP exam dumps are somewhat difficult, the pass rate of the PMP exam for domestic college students has reached more than 90%.

Moreover, facing the threshold set by the PMP exam, taking the exam means that you have the experience and ability related to project management, and it will be relatively easier to learn. But for inexperienced people, they will be confused when they first start learning.

The content of the exam is based on the study of the roles and responsibilities of the project manager in the five process groups, ten knowledge areas and the PMP examination outline (ECO). The scope of the ten knowledge areas is very broad.

During the exam, the answer sheet should be painted once every 50 questions to prevent errors and insufficient time.Visit website

Generally speaking, the PMP exam has a certain degree of difficulty. But don’t worry. Choose a reliable training institution, study hard, and ask where you don’t understand, then your pass rate will be greatly improved.