What is the Difference Between FWD,4WD,2WD, and RWD vehicles?

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Your decision mainly depends on the terrain conditions you drive on. Depending on your atmospheric and ground conditions, you need to decide whether you should go for FWD or a 2WD!

2WD Vehicles

2WD contains most of the normal daily use vehicles. Clearly, its name explains that only two wheels are twirled by its engine. Furthermore, a 2WD category is divided into two types. One is the FWD- Front Wheel Drive and the other is RWD- Rear Wheel Drive.

The most common examples of 2WD vehicles are Toyota Wish, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, etc.

FWD-Front Wheel Drive

This is the most common design among the present vehicles on roads. In this model, the engine gives power to the two front wheels. The manufacturing of such engines and models is cheaper as compared to the others. FWD vehicles are much more beneficial as they provide more traction when the car is moving uphill as the weight of the engine is balanced by the front wheels. The only disadvantage of this model is that front wheels have to do two jobs; Steering and driving. FWD-driven vehicles have a better fuel mileage as compared to the others.

In the FWD category, some of the best cars to buy in Pakistan include Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Alto, Honda Civic, etc.

RWD-Rear Wheel Drive

In this vehicle power design, the engine gives power to the rear wheels. RWD is commonly found in trucks, pick-ups, mini dumpers that carry heavy loads. Other than these, Sports cars, SUV’s and premium categories also include RWD to improve the handling and driving experience. The suspension of the RWD vehicles is optimized because they have to do the steering work only. Rest work is on the rear wheels.

In the RWD category, various best cars to buy in Pakistan include Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Tuscon, Shehzore, etc.

4WD-Four-Wheel Drive

4WD drivetrain system directly powers all 4 wheels of the vehicle. This kind of power is usually manufactured for offroading, rocky terrains, muddy terrains, or snowy areas.

By its name, 4WD shows that it has double the traction of two wheels. This driving comes with lock differentials which are used to get the best offroad efficiency. In locked differentials, the axle containing two wheels is locked with each other. If a car loses traction in any rough terrain, locked differentials are used to regain tractions. 4WD mode is an optional feature offered on 4×4 SUVs and many other SUVs. It is very easy to turn it on or off, depending on the circumstances.

AWD-All Wheel Drive

As the name implies, 4WD and AWD are quite similar. In both of these technologies, engines provide power to the 4 wheels. The main purpose of 4WD is intelligently managing offroad situations but talking about AWD the functions are different. AWD is built for speed acceleration and handling of the car.

AWD keeps a constant eye on the traction of all tires. It is an advanced form of a 4WD vehicle. It speeds up or reduces a specific tire, depending upon the need of that situation. All this technology innovation is known as ‘Torque Vectoring’.

AWD automatically reduces the power when entering slippery roads and provides additional power when acceleration is required. AWD drivetrain system is commonly introduced in high end-cars and SUVs.

Some common and best cars to buy in Pakistan in the AWD category are Ford Raptor, Hilux Surf SSR, Isuzu D-Max.

Which Mode is the Best?

If driving under rain and intermittent snow, 2Wd will probably work fine and is cheaper than AWD. If you’re planning to go on off-roading or some hill station, 4WD with lots of ground clearance will be a good option.

If driving on dirt roads or slippery surfaces, AWD will be the best option because it increases traction control, gives better driving and handling experience. pointclickcarecna

No matter what mode and what car you’re driving, you always need to be pre-emptive about the weather situation and always DRIVE CAREFULLY