What Is The Difference Between Companion Home Care And Personal Care?

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You must be helping your loved one whenever you get time but what about the times when you are not around. In this case, you can hire a home carer for them. Now, there are two types of home care- companion home care and personal care. We have listed down the basic difference between the two, this will help you figure out which one you need at home. 

What is companion home care?

When people grow old, they hardly visit new places or meet people on a regular basis, even if it’s a workplace. Most of their time is spent at home, in fact, their room especially if they have trouble walking. But, as a human, social interaction and companionship is their basic need too. This need does not change even when we grow old. We still need people to talk to, share happiness and sadness with, help out in day-to-day activities. But, it can be harder fr elderly people to achieve this because activities like going out to meet their friends, become very difficult or let’s say impossible for them. That’s when companion home care comes in handy. If your loved ones need companionship, especially if their partner is gone, you can hire companions for them. Companion home care is a type of service where non-medical care is provided to seniors at home. They help the elderly with everyday tasks and make their life easier. Companion home care providers provide services that mainly involve companionship like emotional support. Some common services that companion home care might involve are :

Housekeeping: Housekeeping is hard for elderly people. So, inserted of hiring a separate housekeeper, hire a companion that will provide housekeeping service along with other facilities.  

Company for appointments: some senior citizens deal with constant health problems. That’s why regular medicines and frequent doctor’s appointments is a common thing in their life. So, if you can’t be there to accompany them for all the appointments, you can hire a companion home care service for them so they can visit the doctor easily. The companion will accompany your loved ones to all the scheduled appointments.

Prepare meals: cooking food can be tiring. Hire a companion home care and make sure that your aged loved ones get hot fresh meals every time, every day. 

Perform social activities: companion home caregivers also enable the elderly to socialize easily as they can take the egged ones on walks or local parks where they can sit and relax. 

Running errands

What is personal home care? 

Here comes another service, that is, personal care. It can be difficult for elderly people to perform routine activities. In this, a personal care worker’s major responsibility is to assist with personal hygiene, toileting, and other personal duties. Custodial care is frequently provided by personal care employees to ensure the dignity and privacy of the elderly. It’s entirely up to you whether or not they help with everyday errands. 

Personal care involves:

Bathing, dressing, skin care, and hair care

Oral hygiene

Assistance with toileting

Tracking temperature, blood pressure, etc. 

This is the basic difference between companion home care and personal care for the elderly.