What Is CISA Certification

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CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is an international certification of knowledge and skills related to information system audit, information security and information system control granted by ISACA.

As early as the end of 2016, the number of people who had been certified worldwide had exceeded one hundred thousand, and the number of Chinese mainland accreditation was about ten thousand. Auditors with CISA certificationin China are distributed in high-end industries such as banking, securities, government, high-end manufacturing and information services, and are increasingly recognized by domestic enterprises and institutions.

Comprehensively understand the basic content of IT governance, IT risk and IT audit, and overall basic concept of CISA certification and CISA course.

Master IT audit standards and guidelines of ISACA understand IT control and risk management.

Master the general process and method of IT audit, master the basic concept, general method and best practice of IT governance and IT management.

Master the basic process, organization and responsibility of IT management, and understand the basic concept and audit method of business continuity plan.

Master the general method and process of IT project management, and master the process method and key control links of SDLC.

Understand the software development methods and various common application systems, master the key control links of the information system operation and maintenance process.

Understand the concept and audit method of application control, master the general process of information system operation and maintenance, and know the general process of IT service management.

Understand the common computer hardware, software, network equipment and basic concepts, understand the concept of disaster recovery plan, RTO, RPO.

Master the basic concepts of information system management system and process, and understand the concept and method of logical access control.

Master the basic concepts of cryptography and PKI and other related facilities, master the network infrastructure security equipment (firewall, IDS, etc.)

Information system audit consultant

Traditional audit professionals

Employees in charge of information system audit in enterprises

Employees in charge of information system security management and planning in enterprises

II manager, information security manager

CISA examcandidates

The training lasts for 7 days and 45 class hours.

Six-hour exam, 250 single choice questions, in Chinese. The full score is 1000 and if you get 700, you pass.