What is Automation Testing and why to use it?

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Whether you are going to develop an app or you are going to upgrade it further, automation testing is an important part of every software development process that helps you in acquiring accurate and fast results without any issues.

Automation testing is a part of the product development cycle that ensures the quality of the product. As the demand for software applications has increased rapidly in the last few years, testing has now become a more sophisticated and more advanced part of this section. The concept of automation testing was being introduced to help to ease up the workload of the rest of the team. Moreover, it also helps one in acquiring clear and accurate results without any issues.

The guide will provide you with absolute information related to what automation testing is and how it works.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is a software application testing technique that is being designed to provide perfect assistance in testing and comparing the actual outcome of the product with the expected outcome. The main motto of the integration of this technique into the system is to make sure that the product that is under development should perfectly meet strict requirements without any failure. The test double-checks the equipment or software to whether it is working as it was being designed.

The process of automation testing is usually achieved by writing test scripts or by using different sorts of automation testing tools. The process is being used for automating the different receptive tasks and other testing tasks effortlessly that we can’t do manually. Automation testing is quite famous for testing for different types of bugs, defects, and other issues that can affect the overall product development life cycle.

The best thing about automation testing is that it can be run at any time of the day. The automation testing uses scripted sequences for examining the software and once it’s done the reports thus found are being compared with the information given. The majority of the testing scripts used here are being written in different programming languages such as C#, JavaScript, and Ruby.

The task of automation testing is usually performed by the quality assurance automation testers who design and write the test scripts in the very early stages. The QA automation testers align with automation test engineers and product developers to test the processed software application. Different types of test automation frameworks are usually established there for enabling successful test automation tasks.


What is the need for automation?

It is not that easy to test every software manually for everyone. Time and limitation of resources are the two major factors that contribute to the requirements of automation. Automation not only reduces the time taken for the testing but also ensures high-end accuracy. One can easily, quickly, and efficiently perform the different testing tasks without making many efforts.

The integration of automation into the product development cycle boosts overall productivity. Testers can effortlessly perform the different testing tasks more frequently with the help of automation testing. The same is quite helpful in improving the overall functionality of the product. It helps testers in delivering more accurate and reliable results than before and ensures users are ready to use the product for marketing or for moving it to the next development cycle.

The integration of automation has improved the product development cycle to a greater extent. One can now easily develop software, an app, or a product more efficiently. It is the best way to integrate continuous development without any hassle.

What are the benefits of automation testing?

The process of automation testing brings up a lot of benefits to the users such as:

  • It helps users in acquiring detailed reporting capabilities without any issues.
  • It is the perfect and improved way of detecting different bugs, malware, and viruses.
  • Automation testing has simplified the application testing task to a greater extent.
  • The integration of automation testing has fastened up the entire testing process.
  • It has reduced human intervention and hence reduced the risk of human error as well.
  • It is one of the most effective ways for saving time and money effectively.


The concept of automation testing has improved the overall application testing process to a greater extent. It is the way to acquire more productivity while keeping the quality of the applications developed at a higher end. Hope this guide has helped you in resolving different queries related to automation testing and its requirements. If you still have any, you can ask for them in the comment section below.