What is a PC Monitor? How to choose?

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A PC monitor is a device that can be used to view the screen of your computer. It’s not just for computers, though; many TVs have one built-in or as an add-on accessory!

Types of PC Monitors

There is a wide range of options for PC monitors, but at least one thing they have in common is that these devices allow you to use your computer’s screen instead. There can be as few or many screens attached with some variations, including: 

17 and 19 inch CRT displays were once popular because people needed extra space for their programs due to their high-resolution capabilities – nowadays, notebooks usually come equipped standardly (the only remaining exception being gaming laptops).

How to Choose the Right Monitor for Your Needs?

The right monitor suits your needs. You should consider many things when going through this process, such as size and color preference, for example. Still, there’s also an array of options available today, like LED vs. LCD panel types, which can make choosing much easier!

An excellent place to start buying new screens would be by reading reviews online from sites such as Digital Trends or CNET, where experts who have tried out all different makes/models will share their thoughts. Hence, we’re more informed than ever before in what device might best suit us – just remember not to get too caught up overpricing either way.

Best monitor brands 

The best monitor brands depend on your needs. For example, if you have a newborn or toddler in the house, perhaps an expensive video baby camera is what’s up next for ya!

If not – whether gaming monitors are more suitable will come down at least partly to how much space they take up aesthetically and physically and their refresh rate (i.e., 60Hz). There can also be times when certain features like HDR make sense even though we’re primarily talking image quality here because those extra details matter regardless of which game/application etcetera one may be using.

Why should I buy an LED monitor over other types of display technology (LCD, CRT)

There are many different types of display technology, and each one has its pros. For example, an LCD monitor is cheaper than a LED in some cases because they use less power, but it’s also not as bright or has color accuracy issues with greens being blue for instance; CRT monitors generally offer better black levels, which means that shadows won’t be seen on screen making them ideal if you plan to game at night where there could otherwise be forms distortion from trying too hard light up all parts. The debate about whether LED vs. LCD/CRTSchemes can save money isn’t.

Pros and cons of purchasing a refurbished PC Monitor vs. the new one

When you’re on a tight budget, finding an affordable PC monitor can be challenging. But with refurbished monitors, there are many options for getting your investment back and saving some money! For example, if I were looking at($200) versus ($250). Not only would they both have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, but in terms given their age difference (refurb vs. new), the former will also offer better viewing angles which may be necessary depending on what type of work I do or how often my eyes adjust while sitting close by someone else; meaning newer model might not always fit all professional needs equally well no matter who tries them out first – especially considering other factors involved such as whether one likes light spills coming.


When you buy a new PC monitor, it’s essential to consider how much screen real estate you need and what type of display technology is best for your needs. Whether you are looking for an LCD or LED monitor or something else entirely, we can help. Contact us today with any questions about the monitors in our inventory – whether they’re refurbished models or brand-new out of the box -and one of our experts will be happy to assist! We also offer a great deal on shipping if ordering online, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.