What Happens If You Like And Quickly Unlike On Instagram? – Expert’s Answer

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When reading through Instagram posts, it is possible to like someone’s post by mistake. Whether you tap on the heart button that is underneath or double tap on the post, a notification will be sent almost instantaneously. Everyone is always interested in getting more followers because this presents a huge chance to build your brand’s image and also makes you more popular. While you can buy Instagram followers, you can also increase the number of your audience through organic means.

Liking and unliking an Instagram post-What happens?

However, what happens if you like, and also unlike an Instagram post? It’s perhaps safe to say that everyone who has an Instagram account has liked a post by accident. The reason why this happens is that it’s easy to do it. Just tapping on a photo will mean that you have liked it and a notification will be relayed instantaneously.

This mostly happens when you are scrolling your feed or when you zoom a photo that has been posted by someone. It can be embarrassing if the post that you have liked is something that was uploaded online three years ago, or if you aren’t supposed to be on that person’s profile from the start.

Luckily, it’s easy to, unlike an Instagram post that you had liked. All you need to do is check on where the heart button is and double-tap until it turns red again. You should know that if you double-tap on the same post twice, it’s possible that you may not be able to like it.

Naturally, when there is a lot of time between when you like and unlike an Instagram post, there is a higher possibility for the owners of the post to see it. However, if you want to make sure that you go unseen, you will like the post quickly after you have liked it.

Push notifications

These types of notifications are what is normally known as push notifications. If the person who you have liked their content by accident has enabled this feature, then you will be fully on the same side.  The reason why most people disable this feature is that it can be a source of constant distractions. Moreover, Instagram users who command a smaller number of followers can opt to turn this feature off if they do not like getting such kinds of notifications.

Preventing accidental likes on Instagram

While accidental likes may be embarrassing, you can put in a conscious effort to ensure that you minimize their occurrence. If you are interested in checking someone’s profile, you can activate the Airplane Mode, as this will ensure that you don’t like anything by accident.


To avoid liking and then disliking someone’s content on Instagram, you must be a little cautious. The best way to approach this is to activate Airplane mode in your device since this will help keep you safe.


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