What does a VAT consultant do?

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A VAT consultant provides precise information and trustworthy advice about the value-added tax return. That includes registration, amount of VAT return, data analysis, and calculating the payable VAT.

Thus a consultant’s involvement is compulsory to avoid further legal hustle to complete all VAT proceedings. Before digging into more details, let’s know some basic things first.

What is VAT?

The complete form of VAT is value-added Tax. It is an absolute government right arising from product trading or adding value.

On the other hand, VAT evasion is a severe offense under the Code of Civil procedure of 1908 in Bangladesh. Hence, providing VAT is equally crucial for all citizens and companies for the country’s development.

Fortunately, different vat software in Bangladesh makes the process easier and more transparent.

What Are the Main Roles of a VAT consultant?

Since VAT return involves several calculations and is a complex issue, it requires a professional’s intervention. Usually, a VAT consultant works Regarding VAT returns and doing all relative stuff. The role of a VAT consultation is enormous and compulsory, from data reporting to VAT return. 

Let’s see what a VAT consultant does in detail.

Provide Better Advice

VAT consultants usually have expertise in the TAX policies of a country. It is an adjacent part of Tax, which deems in the law field. That’s why legal professionals in this area come with a positive attribute.

A VAT consultant’s involvement helps one complete all tasks and procedures of VAT professionally. Hence, ignoring their attribution isn’t possible.

Proper monitoring

Every business has to follow government policies regarding Tax. Returning all kinds of Taxes is also compulsory for the business authority. However, the return of VAT is relatively a complex issue.

Therefore, without the intervention of an expert, proper monitoring is challenging. A consultant’s valuable contribution saves your company from missing out on private duties like VAT and Tax.

According to the legal system, fines and imprisonment are also a further threat to VAT evasion. Plus, missing out on the return on time imposes restrictions on business. 

That’s why this matter needs proper monitoring. For ensuring business monitoring, VAT consultant involvement is inventible.

VAT registration assistance

Registration is the first step to be eligible for a VAT return. It’s an obligatory duty of every citizen of the country. However, the registration procedure of VAT is ultimately a complex thing.

As a result, business often misses out on doing complicated things due to a lack of authoritative knowledge. Surprisingly, VAT experts do all those complex works in favor of the industry. Since consultants clearly understand the entire process, their presence makes the business hassle-free.

Win deal with the authorities

Generally, tax issues are not limited only to tax payments. It includes VAT, progressive Tax, proportional Tax, regressive Tax, and other subsequent charges. Regarding all tax issues, a consultant intervention comes in handy.

However, a business must have expert communication with the tax authority. Since the consultant has tons of expertise on this matter, they know how to play the game.

Even with the intelligent intervention of a consultant, VAT return becomes less. Thus, dealing with VAT authorities is a significant role of a VAT consultant.

Data monitoring

Usually, the VAT amount comes into play for each product’s trading. Therefore, It requires the listing of data regularly. 

Any business management struggles with the diverse nature of data reporting. Hence, data reporting is not at all the task of non-professionals. To deal with such matters, a high-hand specialist comes in handy. 

The VAT consultant team works on all reporting and data monitoring in that case. Thus, the complete data monitoring support comes on behalf of companies from the team.

Audit and return submission

After analyzing all VAT data, the consultant’s primary task is to set up the return amount. They usually do the whole auditing, data reporting, and submission procedures on behalf of the company. Proper auditing and submitting returns is also a primary task of a VAT consultant.

Generally, 15% is the VAT rate for all products in Bangladesh. The National Board of Revenue (NBR) works as the authoritative body of VAT. Moreover, VAT software in Bangladesh must have the approval of NBR to complete the return calculation. The value-added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012 is Bangladesh’s sole law that shows VAT policies.


VAT return is a complex issue that requires the help of an expert. The consultant helps to complete all procedural things regarding VAT issues. Overall, a VAT consultant does all necessary work relating to all tax issues, including VAT.