What do Commercial Shower Stalls Mean?

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When we think of a shower area, we think of an experience rather than a location. Our experiences are influenced by the architecture and layout of the place, as well as the utilities. However, the majority of these experiences in public restrooms, locker rooms, and shower areas are substandard and unsatisfactory, making them the last resort for most people. Many people who are thinking about constructing or renovating their shower stalls are put off by this issue. They want to do things correctly the first time. The good news is that it is doable if you do your homework!

Shower stalls are enclosures constructed of panels that divide an area. They can be found in public areas such as gyms, fitness facilities, swimming pools, schools, dorms, locker rooms, and so on. Sometimes they are designed with connected dressing rooms. Shower stalls are available in all toilet partition designs, including wall-to-wall and ADA stalls. The goal of these booths is to enhance space efficiency while also providing users with privacy. Aesthetic, convenient, and functional shower stalls are required.


The best commercial shower stall materials for your company

It is critical to remember that installation planning is equally as crucial as installation itself. When deciding on the style of the shower stalls, we should also consider the material of the stalls themselves. After all, the type of raw material you use will decide the end outcome. If you have decided to build shower stalls in your bathroom but are not sure where to begin, you are in luck! Here’s a list of the greatest shower stalls to get you started. There are several solutions available, but some are superior to others. Continue reading to find out which one is ideal for you!


  1. Stalls made of solid plastic

Solid plastic HDPE shower stalls are by far the greatest shower stall material. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and tones. To create a personalized design for your bathroom, you can select any hue from the color charts offered by manufacturers. The surface of solid plastic is extremely minimally textured and consistent in color, which decreases the visibility of any blemishes or scratches. Most significantly, this material is impervious to water and steam and will never corrode or rust. This ensures that it can survive soap and water contact in shower areas. In addition to being long-lasting, HDPE solid plastic is antibacterial and mold and mildew resistant. As a result, it has all of the characteristics of an ideal shower stall material, making it an excellent choice.


  1. Phenolic stalls

One of the greatest materials for shower stalls is a solid phenolic core. It is nonporous and unaffected by steam or water, making it suitable for use in shower areas. Furthermore, it is less expensive than stainless steel but performs just as well. The best feature of this material is its resistance to vandalism. Graffiti and vandalism are big issues when building shower stalls, particularly in public settings. The markings detract from the visual appeal of the stalls, but with solid core phenolic shower stalls, you will not have to worry about that. Furthermore, because it is easily cleaned and impact-resistant, this material would work well in heavily trafficked public restrooms.



Depending on its usage, traffic, and location, most of the materials described above can be a decent choice for your bathroom. You should also be informed of the shower stall standards to ensure that you meet requirements, as they may influence your decision. If you are still perplexed, you might seek assistance from a contractor. There are numerous providers that provide commercial shower stalls for businesses.


Remember that making a poor decision to save money now can simply result in you having to spend more money, time, and effort later on for upkeep or restoration. If you prioritize quality today, you will not have to worry about money later. Shower stalls can dramatically improve your area, and selecting the best material for shower stalls is the first step!