What are the three parts of Salesforce field service?

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Salesforce Field Service is one of the web-based solutions that can give you a complete field service management solution offered by Salesforce—the largest CRM company globally. It consists of three parts and works together to bring more efficiency for managers and field technicians.

Let’s learn details about it and its components below.

What Is Salesforce field service

It is a powerful web-based CRM feature of Salesforce. Service Cloud enables users to automate service processes, and the automation can streamline the workflows of your company’s customer service agents. As a result, customer service representatives can cultivate one-to-one marketing relationships with each customer across multiple channels and devices.

Let’s say—you called for new cable service. Next, a prospective service will send a cable installer. Now, you can monitor where the cable man is, the amount of cable the man has, etc. This means— Salesforce Field Service essentially provides services to clients outside of your office.

Different names for Salesforce Field Service

You may find different names for this particular platform that can create confusion. Let me clarify that for you.

Salesforce Field Service was known as Field Service Lightning before. Currently, these are called both Salesforce Field Service and Salesforce Service Cloud. However, Salesforce Field Service (FSL) is the widely used one.

A salesforce of a certain company utilizes this cloud-based field sales service product. Also, it’s an extension of Service Cloud.

What are the three parts of Salesforce Field Service?

Field Service is made up of three main parts that work together to provide a comprehensive field service management solution.

  1. Core Field Service features
  2. Scheduling and optimization from a managed package
  3. A mobile app— Android and iOS for your mobile Salesforce

Let’s learn what you can do using these three parts of Salesforce Field Service.

  1. Core Field Service

Once you enable Field Service, you can perform the following tasks.

  • Set operating hours, skill sets, and standard appointment requirements.
  • Enable the Salesforce app to provide mobile access.
  • Track inventory and van stock when your workforce is a customer site.
  • Report and analyze field service data.
  • Plan, perform and track all field service works.
  1. Field Service Managed Package

When you install managed package, dispatchers can do these tasks.

  • Optimize schedules according to policies.
  • A complete view of appointment lists, scheduling actions, resources available, and an interactive map.
  • Add and maintain scheduling policies, global actions, sharing tools, and optimization rules.
  1. Field Service Mobile App

This app is available for free. The remote workers can perform these using the app.

  • Know appointment schedules.
  • Check work orders, reach contacts, and verify addresses.
  • Create and edit work record records.
  • Set follow-up appointments.
  • Use Chatter to collaborate with your department and other departments.
  • Track updates vis push notifications.
  • Search Knowledge articles to complete challenging tasks.
  • Track van stock and inventory.

How to use them

You begin with the Core Field Service features. The managed package and mobile app can then be added as needed. To access standard field service features, all users must have the “Field Service Standard” user permission. This permission is already included in the majority of user licenses.

To view the dispatcher console, use the mobile app, or participate in scheduling optimization, and must have special permission. After you enable Field Service, the core features will be available for configuration in Setup.

More about the three parts

Enabling Field Service also permits geocoding or location information. So, you can use this information in conjunction with the managed package. And that will allow you to keep track of where your mobile workforce is at all times.

A link to the managed package is included with Field Service. The managed package consists of a customizable schedule, real-time map, and dispatcher console to ensure the right technician is up to the right job at the right time.

Although you can connect with your mobile workforce using the Salesforce app on their phones, the Field Service mobile app also works without internet access.

Warping up

Salesforce Field Service is a CRM product that has evolved and continues to evolve over time. Frequently, Salesforce updates and appears with new features. I’ve specified the things one can do in three parts of the Salesforce Field Service. I hope this information on Sales Field Service was useful.