What are the different types of hairdressing scissors?

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Curious to know the types of scissors for hair cutting and want to select the right one for you? You’re at the right place reading this piece of information as there are different hair scissors to suit professional students and home hairdressing enthusiasts.

The haircutting scissor and shear types define the style techniques and situation.

For barbers:

So, if you are a barber using over the comb techniques then a 7-inch long blade type shear is required. 

For Hairdressers:

A hairdresser in a salon can use a 5.5-inch off-set type scissor for all their haircutting techniques.

According to hair types:

There are a lot of different types of shears that are used to cut thin, texturize, and chunk hair. Haircutting scissor types tend to be the most popular and useful sheer. Haircutting scissors types vary depending on the hairdresser, the techniques and styles situation, and the client’s hair.

For Lefties and Righties:

Left-handed scissors and right-handed scissors have different handles and a lefty using a right-handed scissor is definitely not a good idea. The types of hairdressing and barber shears allow for different hairstyling techniques.

Each pair may be better at different hair cutting tasks as example long blade shears are better for over the comb barbering techniques.

Styles of Scissors:

The large variety of different styles of scissors differs in appearance;

  • basic polish
  • satin finish
  • color coding, and more.

Ergonomic Scissors:

The scissor handles dictate the ergonomics of each pair offset and crane handles are the best ergonomic scissor types for reducing fatigue.

standard thumb scissors also have removable and reversible finger rests that can be attached to the grips.

Short Blade Cutting Scissors:

Hairdressing scissors with short blades are between the sizes 4 inches and 5.5 inches. The shorter blade is capable of most hair techniques and are the most common scissors available. They are perfect for hair stylists with smaller hands.

Long Blade Cutting Scissors:

Hairdressing scissors with long blades are between the sizes 6 inches and 7.5 inches. The longer blade is capable of most hair techniques and is commonly used for barber techniques like over the comb. They are perfect for hair stylists with larger hands.

Read the article: https://www.japanscissors.com.au/blogs/haircutting-hairstyling/haircutting-techniques-guide

texturizing thinning scissors:

texturizing thinning scissors with 30 to 40 teeth then our hair slowly. This ensures you don’t take off large chunks; the 40 teeth thinning scissors are the most popular tool used to thin hair.

Each tooth has a V-shaped blade; these sharp teeth ensure that each thinning motion is precise.

Wide chomping thinning scissors:

Hairdressing thinning scissors come in varying amounts of teeth. The fewer the teeth the more chunks these thinning scissors take out; the chomper thinning scissors usually have between 10 to 20 V-shaped teeth and are commonly used for thicker hairs.

When you have going through long and thick curly hair with a 40-tooth texturizing scissor you will understand why these chomping thinning scissors are so useful.