What are the Benefits of a VoIP Phone System? 5 Reasons for Switching to this Technology

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Nearly half of the employees of every company in the U.S. are currently working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations of the whole world to restructure their business operations that can help in remote working. And working from home requires more than just traditional phones. Businesses need to rely on something more affordable, efficient, and reliable for their business communications. If you will juxtapose communication channels based on all the features and business parameters, you will certainly conclude; (Voice over Internet Protocol) VoIP Phone System is the best choice in today’s Internet-driven society.

VoIP office phone is the most cost-effective and efficient communication solution for small and medium-scale businesses. Considering all the possible needs for a business, VoIP providers are offering a solution that seems like answering many, if not all of those needs. If you want to learn in-depth about this office phone solution, continue reading.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

This phone system enables users to use the internet as the mode of transmission for all telephone calls. Unlike traditional phones, VoIP technology sends voice in data packets through IP. In conventional phones, you use circuit transmissions through the PSTN for communication which makes them less reliable. Also, the VoIP providers save you from the hassle of installing many types of hardware on your premises.

Advantages of VoIP that Can Make You a Switch from Old Phones:

Although there are a great many benefits of VoIP phones that can make you switch to this technology, yet we will discuss a few of the most important ones.

Less Per-Call Cost:

As the name suggests, VoIP phones utilize Internet Protocol for making calls. Rather than using telephone lines to send voice signals, it uses the internet to send data packets for communication. The benefit of the IP connection is that there is a guaranteed quality of service (QoS) from your telephone service provider. Moreover, placing calls over traditional phone lines is very costly as compared to VoIP.

VoIP service providers offer you a lot cheaper call rates for local as well as international calls than the traditional phone line providers. Additionally, businesses that choose VoIP are often given the perk of making domestic and domestic long-distance calls for free.

Facilitates Mobility:  

For remote businesses, VoIP technology is of great use because it allows employees to move without any hustle. As there is no phone line involved in this system, so moving from one place to another is no issue. But with a traditional phone system, you can’t move freely or change location without a new installation of phone lines.

Free public records, in general, are records that are made accessible to the public without restrictions (for the most part). These records usually contain personal and private information that have been disclosed to the public either because some government transactions or activities require that they be disclosed or because they were disclosed voluntarily.

This is because every line that runs to a home or business is assigned its phone number. Moreover, the process of installation of traditional phone lines for new locations wastes a lot of time. You will also lose your previous company phone numbers in this process.

More Communication Features: 

VoIP offers a lot more features than old phones. These features are of great use for small businesses. Characteristics like customizable call forwarding option, customizable greeting, automatic call transfer, call monitoring, voicemail transcription to email, video conferencing, detailed usage reports to help control costs, and an updatable customer contact book are of great help for small businesses to grow. Moreover, VoIP also provides options like instant messaging, video chat functions, automatic phone recording that can help you resolve customer issues in the future.

Secure Communication: 

Every business needs a secure communication channel for ensuring the safe transmission of information. And the traditional telephone system cannot fully guarantee the safety of your communication. But you can trust the safety assurance provided when using VoIP services. This state-of-the-art communication technology (VoIP) has standard encryption protocols that help make your calls and data communication secure. And this safety measure ensures that your sensitive data only reach the right hands.

Easy Scalability: 

VoIP technology facilitates you to add or delete lines as your pool of workers grows or shrinks. With VoIP, you only have to pay for what you use, and phones are easy to add or delete. Moreover, this communication system allows you to use your desktop computers, your smartphones, or laptops to make and receive calls through your browser or a special app.

Now, Ready to Make the Switch to VoIP?  

The VoIP phone system is revolutionizing the communication industry and that is why businesses are shifting to this technology like a whirlwind. If you are facing the problem of reliability, limited features, heavy costs, impossible mobility, and difficulty with scalability, go with the wind and shift to VoIP technology. We assure you that you will never regret opting for this phone system.