What Are Social Networks For Your Business?

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Most businesses and companies have a profile on some social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. Depending on the nature of the business, they usually opt for one or the other.

But why is it so important for a brand to have a presence on social networks? Is it a fashion? Does it really bring benefits?

Next, we are going to explain what social networks are for. We will mention one by one the advantages of having active profiles and sharing content on them.

What is the Social Network good for? 7 Great Benefits

For some time now, companies have invaded social networks. For them, these have become another channel of communication with their consumers.

However, there are other advantages that should not be overlooked. Thanks to them, brands are gaining popularity, a higher level of humanization and closeness and are being able to demonstrate their values. Something that makes them connect even more with their customers.

That said, let’s review the benefits them or what social networks are for a business.

1# Gain visibility

This is the most notable advantage of all. Sharing content on social networks and staying active makes the brand have a greater reach and gain popularity, especially if that content is entertaining and adds value.

Among all of the content formats, I want to emphasize the importance of videos, especially short videos. People love videos. Videos are not only for platforms like Youtube or TikTok, but also for any other social networks. Making a viral video and letting users share it though networks are the things every marketer wants to do.

Of all the available networks, Instagram could be an example to highlight. It allows you to share content in different formats (simple posts, carousels, stories, reels, lives.). And that variety makes the consumer remain attentive to our news.

As a suggestion, if you have not yet created a profile on this social network for your brand, I would tell you to work hard on the name ideas for Instagram. In this way, if you finally manage to have an attractive username, easy to identify and remember, you will obtain more advantages.

2# Interact with customers and the general public

In addition to gaining visibility, through social networks, you can gain closeness. Thanks to its direct messages and the possibility of adding comments to each publication, the consumer who wishes to do so can contact the company and send them their doubts or suggestions.

With applications such as Instagram online web or WhatsApp autoresponder, it is very easy to manage interaction with the audience. On the other hand, features such as audio recording can further enhance this closeness.

Let’s be honest, sending a written message (which can be interpreted in a thousand different ways) is not the same as sending it in audio format. It is something more personal and leaves no room for misunderstanding.

This resource is especially useful for personal brands. It is always more attractive to receive audio from the owner of the same than any other type of message that another person can write.

3# Obtain consumer data

We continue talking about what social networks are for, and we cannot forget about the data. Thanks to features such as Instagram stories, where you can create polls and launch questions, it is very easy to obtain information.

Thus, for example, if you are going to launch a new service, but you have doubts about a certain aspect, you can ask your audience. She will tell you what she would like to find in that service, and you can include it to satisfy them.

Another example could be that of surveys aimed at knowing the level of awareness of your audience. You can ask a question about your sector and provide four possible answers. Based on the results, you will discover what your audience knows about your sector, and you will be able to create content focused on educating them.

They also serve to obtain statistics on the profile of the person who follows you on networks. It is possible to ask about age, tastes, interests, and positions.

4# Derive traffic to the web

A great utility of social networks is that they allow traffic to our website or landing page. It’s as easy as creating a post where you share the link.

However, in apps like Instagram, it is necessary to place the links of interest in the bio. You should know that in publications, it is not possible. Whenever you create a post, you should take them to your profile. And from there, they can navigate to your website.

In this regard, apps like Linktree are especially valuable. This allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio.

5# Promote products or services

If you keep wondering what social networks are for, add promotion to your list of utilities. This promotion can be natural or paid. In the first case, through publications and, in the second, through advertising or announcements.

In addition to this, even if you don’t talk explicitly about your offers, if you create valuable content for your social networks, you will arouse the interest of your audience. And this will be able to make the decision to buy your products or services sooner or later.

6# Educate, inspire and entertain

Experts say that the ideal in social networks is to create 80% content to inspire, educate and entertain and 20% to sell.

As we said before, that 80% does not sell explicitly, but indirectly it is attracting the consumer to trust your brand. It has much more value than a purchase click because it creates a link of interest that will last over time and is not something ephemeral.

7# Add trust and reputation and strengthen the brand

To finish, talking about what social networks are for implies talking about trust, reputation, and brand image. A correct presence in them adds a positive value in any of the aspects mentioned.

It is necessary to have an ordered guest publication plan consistent with the company’s objectives and focused on what we said before; educate, inspire and entertain.


Being present in networks implies something more than publishing for the mere fact of doing it. So start now, and you will get benefits like the ones we have seen here!