What are Car Wreckers and How does their Business Model Work?

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Who are Car Wreckers?

Car wreckers are mostly skilled mechanics who deal with old, junky, unworthy cars, buys them from people who no longer find them useful. Then they take these cars to the junkyards to dismantle them. After dismantling, they salvage the hardware parts and the leftover scrap metal that can be reused or recycled from the car. This task often involves more than one individual or team who owns their workshops. They are referred to as wreckers because they usually hang out at wreck lots and search for cars to break down into parts and make money out of them. Most people get confused between car wreckers and car wreck lot owners. Car wreck lot owners are people who buy those damaged cars, store them in their junkyard, and resell them to wreckers.

When you hear of second-hand car wreckers, you might picture cars and monster trucks being crushed under jumbo-sized pistons and throwing them in one corner of the junkyard. But, car wrecking has very little to do with those kinds of things. Now that you already know who are car wreckers, let’s look at how they earn money. 

How do car wreckers earn money?

Car wreckers are very specialized in dismantling old cars so that it allows them to rescue every single hardware piece they can from the car. In some cases, car wreckers are responsible for putting back certain parts into the market that are either discontinued, in short supply, or too expensive for some car owners to buy firsthand. 

What most people don’t realize is that their cars usually do not go out of commission due to some malfunctioning parts. Rather your old car will tend to lose its value to a great extent if it has sustained a hell of a lot of damage that is beyond garage repair. Still, your car will hold some value because of some of the intact pieces and can be salvaged. That means your car can still be given to car wreckers in Wellington for some quick cash. 

The salvaged parts that are safely extracted from your old car are usually bought by other car owners, other mechanics, and sometimes even car manufacturers. They scout for old, classic wrecked cars to recycle their body or particular interior components. Since these classic old cars are highly valuable, this proves to be a very lucrative business for car wreckers. 

Car wrecking is a novel profession born out of necessity created by millions of vehicles produced year after year. This business can be very profitable if done correctly. It also contributes to a healthier planet by recycling and reusing old materials.