Ways to Brand with Interactive Video

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A video can teach a customer more about your product in 30 seconds than a well-prepared social media post. It stands out on social media and outperforms images or text posts. Sounds good, but when everyone knows it and promotes videos, what can you do to make your brand stand out? How do you stand out in video marketing today? That’s why you should think about interactive post video!

Luckily, there are a few tricks, tips, and techniques you can perform that don’t require a lot of work on your part to help you stand out.

Videos are no longer just one-way communication. Instead, they can be a two-way interaction between the company and the customer that provides personal information about the customer.

Video methods have evolved and today you can create many different types of interactive post videos to engage your audience even more across different platforms.

What are interactive post videos?

Interactive post movies are digital movies that allow the viewer to interact while watching. It contains clickable points, often called “hotspots”, that move when clicked. The “action” may be to move to a different part of the movie, open a different file, or display additional information. In other words, interactive post video has replaced a one-way monologue that turns traditional video into a two-way dialogue. It allows the viewer to create their own story, answer questions and share their views while watching.

Take a look at the interactive post videos below to really understand how amazing interactive post videos are.

Types of interactive post video

Video to purchase

It can also be called purchase able movie, touch movie or clickable movie. With purchase able video, you can turn your video into a sales engine and let people know about your products before buying. Thanks to them, you interact with the client in a completely new way.

You can turn almost any video into an interactive post experience by using so-called “action points” or “hotspots” to showcase your products and related information such as prices, sizes or types. In Video, you use trigger points to add a link to your online store where the customer can buy the product shown in the video. You can showcase as many products as you want in one video and add as many trigger points as you want. All you need is a link to your YouTube or Cinema8 video and you are good to go.

Industry video

Interactive post storytelling is the main goal in branched video. Here, hotspots are used to ask questions to viewers. Viewers are directed to a different part of the video based on their responses. Branched movies combine different video clips to create an interactive post story for the viewer.

See how Call about achieves this beautifully in its cooking video. They filmed various scripts and asked the audience what cake they liked. After responding, the audience watches how to make the cake according to their decision.

Video exam competition

A Video Quiz competition can entice more people to watch your video and pay more attention to your message. People tend to focus when they have a chance to win a prize. In the video quiz, you can present a prize at the end and your customers will answer questions while watching.

You can use various platforms where you reuse old movies to create video quizzes. Just post a link from Cinema8 or YouTube and start creating a question.

What do you think about it? You attract people’s attention and have the opportunity to inform your customers about the benefits of your products. This makes your product memorable when people engage with your interactive post experience rather than being passive viewers. Lastly, you get more leads to grow your email marketing list.

Another example of a video quiz is the movie “What’s Next”. In this movie, the viewer can customize the story by answering questions about what happens next. Several options with possible scenarios are presented for each question. This way, the audience can test their deductive skills. A fun and engaging experience.

Playback video

Another cool thing about interactive post videos is that you can repurpose existing content into engaging, interactive post content. It’s surprisingly easy to turn a movie into a game that grabs your audience’s attention.