Want Effective Air Cooling? 4 Wall Fans to The Rescue

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Turning on the air conditioner when the weather gets hot often means emptying your pocket. Instead, try to install wall fans this summer to save money on electricity bills while still being more environmentally conscious.

Wall-mounted fans are an excellent option for air circulation in small spaces such as offices, cabins, studios, and kitchens. Wall fans assist in moving air away from them, allowing them to be distributed throughout the room. Furthermore, the key benefit of wall-mounted fans is that they do not take up much space. Therefore, when choosing a wall-mounted fan, it’s important to consider its characteristics and features.

Let’s have a look at some of the best wall mounted fans to keep your home cool this summer:


  • Mojo Plus White Wall Fan HS 30CM (300MM)

This is a well-designed fan that is a great combination of high performance and attractive features. Its sturdy and strong built also makes it durable as compared to other fans. The Mojo Plus White Wall Fan has a beautiful white finish and a hanging control switch, which adds to its style. With its aerodynamically designed blades, this wall fan provides high-speed airflow for your office and small cabins. 


  • Fanfare Pro Wall Fan 40CM (400MM)

The Fanfare Pro Wall Fan 40 CM is designed to offer utmost comfort and ease to the user. This fan delivers an unmatched performance of 1350 rotations per minute. It has a sweep size of 40cm and consumes 55 watts of electricity. So be assured your power bills won’t be skyrocketing. 


  • Speed Pro Blue Wall Fan 40CM (400MM)

If you are looking for a normal-speed fan, then this model is the one for you. The Speed Pro Blue Wall Fan 40CM gives 1350 rotations per minute and has a sweep size of 40CM. This wall fan will help you cool down in the scorching heat. It has a powerful motor, and the blades of the fan are of premium quality. The hanging chords that you see in the picture help you control the speed and rotation of the fan. It is noiseless and perfectly suited for any environment.


  • Kraze Plus Wall Fan 40 CM (400mm)


Luminous is one of the best brands for home electricals. Kraze Plus Wall fan by Luminous is one of the most efficient wall fans in the market. The Kraze Plus wall fan help in ensuring ventilation for your room as it guarantees steady air circulation. The Kraze Plus Wall Fan is made up of good quality metal and polypropylene blades. This fan consumes 55 watts and gives 1350 rotations per minute.

These are some of the best wall fans in the market. If you have a limited amount of floor space, a wall-mounted fan might be the best option. Fans mounted on the walls are becoming increasingly common and can be found in homes, home gyms, garages, greenhouses, and outdoor patios. Although not all wall mounted fans are similar, the variety of brands available allows you to make the right choice and choose a fan that is appropriate for the setting in which it will be used.

Aside from the cooling benefits, wall mounted fans take no space on the floor or on the table. Their ability to be mounted on the wall allows you to conserve floor space for furniture and exercise equipment while still keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

You should always buy wall fans from reputed brands like Luminous. Give a new look to your walls with their amazingly stylish and durable fans. The price range is between INR2000 to INR 3000. They give you two years of warranty on most of their home electrical products. They also have a great after-sales service. You can visit their website or a nearby store to pick a wall fan that best suits your needs.