Volunteers will plant a maple forest in Izborsk

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Over 3 thousand maples will be planted by volunteers of the FSC Russia Forestry Volunteers platform in Izborsk. This was “MK in Pskov” reported in the press service of the organization. The promotion will take place on May 1.

FSC Russia (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit organization that develops and promotes standards for responsible forest management based on a balance of environmental, economic and social interests.

In 2020, the organization launched the Forest Volunteers platform, which brings together volunteer programs from different Russian regions. One of these areas is the planting of a maple-oak forest in the Pskov region.

In Russia, deciduous forests are almost never planted, since the seedlings are expensive and require further care, the press service emphasized. However, the event will be implemented thanks to joint efforts.

The forest planting will be attended by 20 volunteers from different regions of Russia. After working in the forest, volunteers will be able to visit the excursion sites of the museum-reserve.