Vaping for beginners – Drawing on your vape device

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Vaping is a different experience compared to smoking cigarettes — and a healthier thing to do.

A trip to your local vape shop will give you many options for vape devices and flavours.

If you are new to vaping, you will find it is a different experience than smoking cigarettes.

There are two different ways in which the vapour gets delivered into your system when you take a hit — mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL).

How to use a vape device

Mouth to lung device

MTL is the most similar to smoking cigarettes, making it the perfect option for a beginner.

Each time you draw on your device, you should be drawing in for around 4 to 6 seconds — depending on your device and the wattage you are using.

After drawing, hold the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds, then inhale it into your lungs.

The best part about a mouth to lung device is the ability to taste the flavour better, and you receive a smoother experience.

Direct to lung device

Direct to lung vaping is very different from mouth to lung and cigarette smoking altogether.

When you draw on your device, you want to draw for around 2.8 seconds.

This gives you a more intense feeling, since as you are drawing from your device it is going straight into your lungs.

The feeling and experience you get from a DTL device can be described as a throat hit or throat sensation.

This method is better for a more experienced vapour.

If you take too big of a draw you may find yourself choking, so take your time getting used to how you draw on a direct to lung device.

The best starter choice

When you are new to vaping, it is best to start simple.

Buy a device that has a sensored start which will deliver the vapour as you draw without the need to press a button or mess with settings — this will allow you to focus on getting used to drawing.

A disposable device that comes prefilled is best for a beginner.

Choose a flavour that is plain, minty, or smooth.

It is best to avoid sweet, strong, or minty flavours until you get used to the throat sensations and the drawing process.

If you want to stop smoking cigarettes, switching to vaping is a great way to do it.

Vaping allows you to still get nicotine, but in a much safer manner.

A vaping beginner should find a mouth to lung device, since it is closest to smoking cigarettes and delivers a smoother throat sensation and experience.

Direct to lung devices are good for those who want a stronger throat hit and are more experienced at vaping.

No matter which device you use, you will want to inhale or draw on the device for at least 2.8 seconds to get a proper draw.

Visit your local vape shop today to get your first vape device and give up cigarettes for good.

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