Using natural ingredients to clean your chimneys at home

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The kitchen is regarded as the focal point of the house. A clean and tidy kitchen depicts a healthy environment. a kitchen is a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love. If you can keep your kitchen organized, it means you can keep your life organized. The kitchen is the heart of the home because it is the place where scrumptious food is then prepared with a whole heart .the food you prepare leaves a significant imprint on everybodys heart, and it is meant to bring families together.

Most of our Indian dishes involve spices and oils, which generates a lot of smoke in the kitchen, making it unhealthy. So keeping this in consideration chimneys have become an integral part of the Indian kitchen, it helps in keeping away the smoke and keeps the kitchen grease-free. The purpose of the vents is to keep your kitchen area fresh and pollution-free. After a lot of wear and tear, the efficiency of the chimneys is decreased as the oil and the grease get stuck in the filters of the chimneys. If the filters are not checked from time to time, then the grease or the oil can drop on the stoves, thereby causing the fire. It can also fall on the dishes you have prepared and contaminate them. It is necessary to go for periodical cleaning of chimneys to take full benefits and increase its productivity. But it is always easier said than done, This job of cleaning the chimneys requires a lot of time, and you need to hire a professional person for it.

Nevertheless, you can save yourself from this expenditure by going for cleaning at home. You can always use natural ingredients like baking soda, salt, vinegar, etc. So let’s discuss few tips on how to clean your chimneys at home using readily available ingredients:

Make use of the dishwashing liquid: Dishwashing liquid is readily found in our kitchens as it is used to clean our utensils and other things which are found dirty. Dishwashing liquid can easily remove the stains and remove the blockage caused by the oils. Be very vigilant while removing the chimney filters and use a sponge to pour the liquid over the filters. Keep the filters immersed in the hot boiling water for one or two hours. Ensure that you are using the boiling water as it helps in keeping the grease-free.

Vinegar is an essential ingredient: Vinegar is already lying in our kitchen cupboards or shelves. Vinegar is regarded as the crucial cleaning agent and carries the primary cleaning properties. It has disinfectant characteristics and will keep your kitchen germ-free. Simply dipping your towel or any waste cloth in the vinegar solution and wiping it over the filters will work best.

Baking soda to clean chimneys: Baking soda is an all-purpose cleaner and carries all the essential cleaning properties. The mildly abrasive essence of baking soda is excellent in removing stains and spots. Baking soda can be mixed with other cleaning agents to get the best results.