Using Glass Jars As Decorative Vases

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If you are like most people I know, it seems as though you just can’t avoid glass jars. From jelly to mayonnaise to pickles, so many household goods are packaged in jars that it can actually be easy to overlook them. Of course most people use the contents of the jars and then set them out for recycling. But recycling your glass doesn’t mean that they have to be ground up and destroyed – there are a variety of ways to reuse them, and one creative idea is to use your old jars as vases.

Since glass jars come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, they make the perfect base for a decorating project. If you are one of those people who occasionally purchase oddly shaped or colored jars at flea markets and garage sales, then those too can be put to good use in your interior decorating. Of course, before you can use your jars as vases for decorating, you first have to prepare them.

You can remove the labels on your glass jars by heating them in a pot of boiling water. This will usually remove all of the paper on the jar, though you may need to apply some elbow grease or adhesive remover to get rid of the remaining adhesive. Once you have removed the label and the adhesive, you can get creative with the glass itself. Wrapping can be paced around the jars and held in place with a ribbon at the rim. Glitter or stickers can be applied to the surface of the jars for decoration. You can even paint or etch the glass for special effects.

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