Useful tips to save your bathroom from fungus and bacteria

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Constant warmth and humidity is an ideal environment for the growth of microorganisms and mold. What to do in such a situation to preserve the health of the family, read our material.

The microorganisms that live in our bathrooms are usually not dangerous, unless they multiply strongly. To prevent such a development of events, you need to pay attention to cleaning the room. Surfaces and floors should be regularly treated with special products – experts advise to do this once a week.

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Over time, microbes form biofilms on surfaces that are difficult to chemistry. The problem will be solved by using a sponge or brush, writes Volgogradskaya At the same time, do not forget about the door handles, taps and the toilet flush button – these places most often touch a person’s hands.

If there is a curtain in the bathroom, it should be properly dried in a flattened form. Better yet, replace it with a special plastic or glass partition that should be washed after each use.

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Try to reduce the amount of decor in the room – this will make cleaning easier and reduce the number of places where germs can breed. A great option is to install additional forced ventilation in the bathroom.

Remember that each family member should have their own towel, which should be changed every 2-3 days. Experts advise doing this at least once a week.

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If you follow these simple rules, you can significantly increase the protection of your bathroom from mold and germs.