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Online directories are a submit-based online service.

You are able to secure your listing through “claiming” your listing. They are usually free, or at least free until you choose the option of paying to unlock additional options for your listing., Common information on the listing include business’s name, address and phone number, as well as operating hours, the website and social media profiles along with a brief description of the business’s activities is doing, pictures and a list of the products and services that are sold.

Online directories can also be known as “citations” or citation sites.

Forget Online Directories, I’ll Just Search Google

Some people might not be as knowledgeable about directories as they are Google. If I suggest that they think about listing their business in directories, they are often confused about why they should bother, considering that they and their clients primarily utilize Google to find companies and services they’re looking for.

This is the link. Google as well as Bing and Yahoo as well as the other search engines are based on the data you provide on your site (both on the backend technical side and also as content , such as blogs) and what companies are linking to your website as well as what internet reviews have to say about your company and the information that is posted about your business in directories online. Google collects data from directories online to determine what should appear in the search results. If you’re able to appear in multiple directories that have accurate information that sends Google an affirmative signal about your business , and it’s another source of data to aid in helping

Imagine this as a method to improve your online marketing, rather than trying to work out your head around the reason why more customers would look up your company through HotFrog rather than Google.

But My Business is “More Serious” Than a Local Pizza Shop

If you sell to business (B2B) instead of walk-in customers is not important. Online directories provide Google another indication online that you are present.

No matter if your sales cycles are long or your costs are high or your customer is the executive variety It doesn’t matter. Your potential customer will most likely start their journey for the product/service/questions they need answers to by doing an online search. They’ll likely use Google.

I’m betting you’d like your products/services/excellent-blog-that-answers-the-questions-they-have to come up in that online search a potential customer just did, correct? To ensure that this will occur, you must provide Google, Bing and Yahoo with all the assistance they require to get you in the results of searches.

Stop thinking of local businesses as a pizza place or hair salon. If you provide executive education for large companies and you only provide services to the C-suite, but you offer your services within your local area it is local and could benefit from advertising your business in directories online.

This article by Duct Tape Marketing and this one about local references by both provide further explanations of the importance of local directories for businesses.

Essential Online Directories

If you’re ready to get started your journey, the first one to be claiming immediately will be Your Google My Business Listing. Another option is Yelp etc. If you’re part of a local business organization you should add your contact information to their directory. It is essential to have your address, name, as well as your phone number precise in every listing. This is known in the form of NAP.

When I say “correct and exact” what I am referring to is that if your company is located at the address 123 Main Street West, this is the way to include it on your site as well as on any directories you list. The smallest change in listing your business address with the 123 Main St. West and the next one is entering it as 123 Main St. W. This will send Google the impression that it isn’t the same company. Google will consider it to be three different companies, and will not determine which to show in search results and will instead serve your competitors instead.

From here, it’s just a simple data entry task to finish each one. You’ll need to ensure that details about your business be accurate and precise in each listing. The kinds of information that you’ll need to be accessible before you begin listing your listings includes:

  • Social Media Sites Links to all current and valid social media sites.
  • Business Descriptions Unique and interesting description of who your company is and the services you offer helps answer queries that a potential customer might be asking about your business. Include your key words.
  • Contact Email Sometimes, in the in the midst of all the social media craze we can overlook the most efficient and easy method for potential customers to reach a company by email. Be sure to have an email address that is valid in your listing of business for an easy way to contact.
  • Photos: Company logo, an image of your building team pictures, the images of your leadership team, photos of products Have these images useful and easily named with keyword descriptions.

The last thing to do is make sure you keep a log of directories on the internet that you have claimed and make changes to your profile if there’s an office move, changing of name, or a change of hours for office.