Understanding The Importance of Incontinence Pads for Men

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With passing age, other health problems find their way into the body. Even young adults suffer from ailments that often affects elders. Among the various health issues, urinary incontinence is now a common problem. It is a condition where the bladder loses its capacity to hold the urine. People with this disorder do not have control over their urination. That is, when some pressure gets exerted during a cough or sneeze, the urine passes involuntarily. It can be embarrassing especially, for men who have to be outdoors. The incontinence pads for men can be of great help in such cases.

They are generally absorbent pads that prevent urine leakage or wetting the pants. There are several causes of male incontinence like obesity, chronic cough, bladder infections and many more. Age can also be a factor, and many bedridden men have this problem. These men cannot walk around to the restroom, and a bedpan can cause other infections. Doctors prescribe several medications to help lower the intensity of this issue. But it takes some time to start working and, practically, it is hard for men to stay back home all the time. Thus, incontinence pads for men could be a workable solution.

Problems caused by urine incontinence

There are several real-time problems men face due to loss of bladder control.

1. Urge to urinate anywhere, anytime

It is not possible to have access to restrooms all the time. But men with this disorder have the utmost urge to urinate though they know there is no restroom nearby. Even though they make sure to use the toilet before leaving home, they might want to urinate anytime sooner when they are out. Many would also feel like peeing just after they have used the restroom. It could be even more troublesome when travelling, especially on public transport. Such cases can create elevated stress and even cause anxiety attacks.

2. Feeling humiliated in public

Walking around with wet pants could be a joke to others in public. It can happen to men who have done nothing about their urine incontinence. Going for a gathering or hanging out with people would seem almost impossible for such people. Urine leakage can also cause an unpleasant odour in public. It would undoubtedly be a moment of embarrassment for anyone.

3. Skin rashes and allergies

Urinating the underwear and prolonged contact with such a garment can cause several allergies and skin rashes. It happens due to the persisting wetness in the intimate areas. The moisture can also be a breeding place for bacteria and other microbes. Thus, leading to other infections in the body.

Why go for absorbent pads?

They design the incontinence pads in such a way that they prevent urine leakage into the garment or pants. They can effectively absorb urine and not let any odour escape to the exterior. It means nobody will know that someone is wearing these pads!

They can be easily worn by sticking them onto the inner side of the undergarment. Some other pads also have adhesive strips making sure that the pad stays in place for lengthier periods.

These pads are easy to use and are disposable. It is indeed necessary to change them at regular intervals. Having the wet diapers on again can cause skin rashes. Some pads are also washable and reusable. Washing and drying them is to be done regularly before the following use. One can pick either of these depending on their needs.

Thus, using these incontinence pads will put away looking for restrooms the next time one goes out. It is a valuable and realistic alternative!