Ukrainian beat the conductor and escaped through the window of the bus

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In the Ukrainian city of Cherkassy, ​​a passenger refused to pay for the bus fare, beat the conductor, and then left the vehicle through the window.

Taras Khvyl, deputy director of the Cherkassyelectrotrans enterprise, posted a video on his Facebook page. In the footage, a young man climbed into the seats, pushing the passengers. Then he climbed out through the window. When he was standing on the roadway, he showed the conductor an indecent gesture.

“This is how offenders leave before the police arrive. A hare that also hit the conductor, ”Khvyl said.

As he said, the conductor approached the passenger with a request to pay for the fare, but he was intoxicated and refused to do so. When the woman reprimanded him because of his appearance and asked him to pull up his pants, the passenger kicked her in the back.

The young man managed to escape before the police arrived. It is noted that the victim feels well.