Types Of Chinese Candy Boxes For Your Children

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There are many businesses in the market, and different companies need product boxes according to their needs. The selection of the product packaging depends upon specific parameters that brands have to consider. When it comes to candies, you can find several types of boxes. Chinese candy boxes are also available in various kinds, and they can set the brands apart from others. Their different classes can help make the candies prominent in stores and grasp the attention of more customers. The following are different types of these boxes that you can use for your children and escalate sales of your candies. 

What are Chinese candy boxes?

It is not a common term that you can understand like Chinese boxes are those which come from China. They have a connection with Chinese traditions, due to which they are called so. Many people love to exchange gifts on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. Thus, they celebrate it by giving boxes filled with candies. The most important thing about these boxes is that they come with multiple custom inserts in different shapes. The shape of their inserts depends upon the choice of brands. They may contain elegant printing elements such as drawings, patterns, hearts, etc. Their colors are red and black. Their red color symbolizes joy. Moreover, these boxes come with a lid that protects encased candies and increases their prettiness. 

Types of Chinese candy boxes

There are several types of these boxes, and over time, different brands have introduced several shapes for these boxes according to modern trends. 

1: Pentagonal and hexagonal boxes

Do you know about these boxes? They come with five sides and five angles. The similarly hexagonal boxes may have six sides and six angles. Thus, the most common shapes of Chinese custom candy boxes include pentagonal and hexagonal boxes. Different brands can customize them for other occasions via printing. For example, they may print relevant quotes or catchy phrases according to the event. There may be creative drawings, such as floral drawings, that can give an impressive outlook to these boxes.

Similarly, some brands can give them a pleasant appearance by printing patterns in regular patterns. Their inside printing and beautiful colors increase their worth in the market. Besides that, their internal features, such as custom inserts in several shapes, are available. Thus, they allow brands to arrange many types of candies inside the boxes amazingly.

2: Round boxes with stylish lids

The round shape looks heart-winning, and many businesses have used it for their products. These round boxes can catch the eyes of people passing by. Therefore, different brands can use these boxes to present candies to kids. To make these small candy boxes a perfect match for kids, different brands print creative graphics that can win children’s attention. They may also come with printed images of cartoon characters or other popular characters with kids. Their red and black colors make them the best product box for packaging candies to gift to dear ones this Chinese New Year. Moreover, different brands can get them in different shapes and styles. They can change the lid type for these boxes to look prominent when present in stores. 

3: Octagonal boxes with multiple custom inserts 

An octagon is a mathematical shape that can have eight sides and eight angles. It looks impressive and heart-winning. Therefore, many brands have inspired this shape and introduced octagonal boxes. Due to their resemblance to a mathematical form, they can catch people’s attention passing by. Moreover, different brands can add multiple custom inserts to these boxes according to their needs. The shapes of these inserts may be heart-like, square, triangular, rectangular, or others.

Moreover, the size and style of the inserts may vary a lot according to the needs of the brands. Thus, brands can make them gift-worthy by arranging multiple types of candies inside them. Different types of snacks may also be present in some inserts inside these boxes. Hence, they can be a perfect gift box to please your loved ones. 

4: Heart-shaped gift boxes for candies

Heart-like shapes have taken over the world because they symbolize love and affection. Most people love to have heart-shaped product boxes for their gift items. Mind, most brands have introduced heart-shaped small candy boxes. Their exclusive heart-like shapes can make them loveable and eye-catching. Moreover, when they reach the hands of receivers, they make them feel special. They are also an indication of love and affection. Besides that, there are several customizations for these boxes, such as they may have different types of custom inserts. They can come with stylish lids to win the attention of people. Their custom-shaped handles can make their carriage easier. Their red and black colors are available to make them specialized for presenting candies to kids on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. There are printed quotes and phrases according to the event. 

5: Cubic or square boxes with transparent lids 

Some brands take advantage of different tricks to increase product visibility. Don’t you know the benefits of increasing product visibility? According to reports, well-displayed products are more likely to be sold. Therefore, most brands go for unique and stylish ways of displaying their products in stores to catch the attention of people passing by. For this purpose, many brands package their candies inside red and black colored square candy boxes for their children. They add transparent lids to these boxes so that kids can have a look and see how candies are arranged inside the boxes. They place sweets nicely in their respective inserts to win appreciation from buyers. Thus, these boxes can increase sales and make the business successful.

Due to competition among different brands, many impressive and elegant types of Chinese candy boxes have come to the market. We have explained some of the popular shapes that you can find in different stores. If you have to package candies for the Chinese New Year, you may choose any of these boxes for sweets. They can leave a good impression and catch the attention of a lot of new customers. Thus, they will escalate your sales and make the business profitable.