TV doctor Myasnikov spoke about the impact of the month of birth on health

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According to the Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, the date of birth is associated with the risk of developing certain diseases in humans.

The physician referred to data obtained by researchers at Columbia University in the United States. Scientists have studied the medical histories of about one and a half million people and came to the conclusion that people born in the same months often have the same diseases.

– For those who were born in january, often suffers from high blood pressure and cardiomyopathy – diseases of the heart muscle. At “February»People have more problems with the respiratory system, and those born in march prone to arrhythmias and mitral valve disease, – said Myasnikov on the air of the program “On the most important thing.”

For those who celebrate their birthday in april, angina pectoris often develops, in May often underweight babies are born. Born in June revealed a predisposition to a heart attack, in july – to pathologies of the urinary tract and hypertension.

Born in august more often than others suffer from asthma, in september – from gastrointestinal disorders, in october – from infectious diseases and allergies to insect bites.

People who were born in Novemberare at greater risk of developing lung cancer December – more often than others are injured and bruised.

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