Tula residents ask to repair the road to the kindergarten in the Proletarsky district

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Residents of the Proletarskiy district in social networks published an appeal with a request to repair the road to kindergarten No. 9 on Stupinskaya street.

According to the Tula people, it is simply impossible to get to the social facility after the rain. People do not remember when the last time the site was repaired, and they call the road nothing more than “mess”.

“The roads were washed away along with the snow. Everything is as usual. Constant mud and puddles. It is impossible to reach kindergarten with a child. Ride in a wheelchair is a quest. This is not a road, this is some kind of mess “, – users of social networks complain.

Read also: Tula ONF activists are asking to renovate Ushinsky Street in the Proletarsky District of the city of Tula. According to local residents, who have been living here for more than fifty years, Ushinsky Street has always been in an uncomfortable state: the road has never been repaired, there was no asphalt pavement. Now, while the weather is dry, the wind raises a real dusty whirlwind here, and during the rains, the soil washes away – there are puddles and mud.

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