Try New Printed Box Design in 2024

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Are you wondering what the latest printed box designs are trending in the year 2024? If so, check out all those trends in the efficacious guide below. It does not matter what you are selling; it is all about standing apart from all your competitors. The printed box is one of the most creative ways to create a versatile brand identity in the industry. The way in which you package your goods tells a lot about the personality of your brand.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to stick with the latest packaging trends so that you can influence the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Not only that, but you will also stand out in the competitive market. Here is a list of the latest packaging design trends for 2024. Depending upon the nature of the items you are selling, you can find the best design trends and use them to your advantage.


The flat graphic style is one of the most trending illustration styles seen on cardboard packaging this year. There are various advantages of using flat illustrations in your box design. Firstly, you can match them with the theme of your brand and the ambiance you are targeting. Secondly, they can go well if you want to offer a minimalistic look. Thirdly, they can be printed on a wide variety of materials as well. If you decide to follow this trend, make sure that you are selecting an appropriate illustration style. While taking inspiration from some famous brands is not a bad thing but do not copy them. The illustrations should be able to complement your brand and the products you are selling. Make use of flat illustrations such that whenever the customers see your custom box, they could relate it with your brand as well as the product.


Many manufacturers in the market associate the simple with the boring, which is a wrong perception. The simple design of your box is the best way to go as it is becoming the most popular trend all across the globe. Minimalism is all about introducing simplicity into your packaging design by making it look natural. Different elements can be used to impart a minimalist look to your custom box. For instance, you can go for a simple, clean, and uncluttered look by using decent colors. White color is known for simplicity and decency, which could be used in your design. Similarly, present your information by eliminating all the complex designs and patterns so that the customers know that you have nothing to hide behind the intricate graphics of your packaging. Using high contrast elements is also a way to highlight the simplicity of your packaging.


Most of the manufacturers focus on the visibility aspect of their packages which they often ignore to offer the sensory experience to the customers. Various studies have shown that the touch and feel of your packaging design are as important as its visibility. So, why limit yourself to appeal to just one sense of the customers? That is why using texture is becoming one of the most followed trends in various parts of the world. To attract a larger customer base, consider using embossed and debossed labels on your box. The embossed or debossed labels look eye-catchy and feel premium when touched. The consumers who will touch these labels will get the impression that your products are worth buying. The creative use of texture will influence the purchasing decisions of the clients.


It is true that “less is more,” but not always. If you think that you have had enough of minimalism, you can introduce some playful and bold patterns in your packaging design. These patterns can also be used to create a simple and minimal look if utilized properly in your design. No doubt, minimalism is trending these days, but this trend can be beaten by some intricate patterns. The trends are meant to be changed because consumer behavior changes rapidly over time. When the clients see a thing, again and again, they become accustomed to it, and as a result, they lose interest. Going in the opposite direction is a great technique in this regard as it will grab the attention of consumers instantly. All you need to do is to fit each pattern into the overall packaging design. The patterns, such as polka dots, chevron, etc., can prove influential in this regard.


While entering a retail store of any famous brand, you would notice that cardboard countertop displays are filled with ambient color schemes. Previously, the brands used to incorporate colors in their box design without any research. But it is now crystal clear that certain types of color themes arise different kinds of feelings in the shoppers. The concept of color theory should be understood right from the beginning to up your designing game. The color models such as CMYK have revolutionized the color selection according to your choice. This model is a combination of four basic colors that can be fused together to obtain your ambient colour scheme.


Stop looking for where to buy cardboard boxes and design them with the creative and correct type of typography. The way in which you present your branding or product information says a lot about your brand personality. Being creative and innovative with typography is a new trend that is gaining huge popularity among manufacturers. While pasting the information about your brand or the product you are selling, make sure to use typography creatively. For instance, the font style and size should be appropriate.

This is because the complex font style or smaller font can make it difficult for the shoppers to read the printed stuff. Concluding the point that there are various trends in the market when it comes to the printed box design. We have enlisted all these trends which can be followed according to the nature of your product. Going minimal is a new trend in 2024, which is grabbing the heed of potential consumers.