Training of the crew of the corvette “Razkiy” was held at the Joint Training Center of the Navy

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The training of the crew of the corvette project 20380 “Rezkiy” took place on Thursday, April 22, at the Joint Training Center of the Navy in St. Petersburg. The ship is being built at the Amur shipyard for the Pacific Fleet.

According to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, during the training, a modern training complex “Mosttik-2000” was used, on which the military personnel of the calculation “main command post – combat information post – navigator” of the ship worked out the tasks of leaving the ship from the bay The Golden Horn of the Peter the Great Bay and the narrow ship passage.

On a specialized simulator, the corvette crew worked out the elements of the ship’s navigation in the narrowness, near the coast, as well as episodes of maneuvering to deviate from ships and vessels in the area of ​​intense navigation, in conditions of poor visibility and storms.

The training and simulator complex, on which the servicemen of the new ship are trained, makes it possible to simulate the situation as close as possible to the sailing conditions in certain sea areas. After the completion of the training cycle at the Joint Training Center of the Navy, the crew, according to most indicators, will be ready to operate the ship when entering (entering) the base, while sailing in the open sea in various hydrometeorological conditions.

“More than 15 crews of surface ships of various classes being built for the Russian Navy will undergo comprehensive training at the Joint Training Center of the Navy in St. Petersburg in 2021,” said the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, following the results of a working meeting at which issues of surface shipbuilding were considered this year.

According to the admiral, the emphasis in training the crews of new ships will be placed on the acquisition of stable practical skills by personnel, as well as on the operation of modern models of equipment and weapons, which have a high degree of automation.

The corvette project was developed at the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. The project 20380 ship is intended for operations in the near sea zone and for fighting enemy surface ships and submarines, as well as for artillery support of amphibious assault forces during amphibious assault operations.

In January, Izvestia wrote that the Rezky corvette would be released from the dock into the sea in the summer of 2021. Its sea trials are expected to begin in the fall.