Top 9 Most Recommended Tools for Students to Use in 2024

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Due to the major part of our education system being online, students must get familiar with the latest educational technology tools. There are so many options available on the internet that you can leverage.

Are you looking for the best tools to use for educational purposes in 2024?

Look no further!

This article unveils the eight best tools for students to use in 2024. Let’s get started!

1.    PDF Combiner

PDF Combiner is the best tool for merging multiple documents into one. You can easily combine numerous PDF assignments into one complete document, including images, graphs, and info-graphics.

This PDF combiner free online tool can be accessed from Windows, Linux, and Mac. This magical tool comes in handy when you are working on a group assignment where your team members use different sources to do the research.

This online PDF merger does not charge a single penny. In addition, no sign-up is required. With its simple drop-and-drag feature, you can get your papers organized professionally. How cool it is!

In this way, you can email these joined documents to your group members and professors. Due to its easy sorting feature, you do not need to worry about files’ format. It preserves files’ original orientation.

Unlike other PDF joiners, you can combine as many PDF papers as you want. There is no usage limit.

2.    Grammar

Grammar is a good grammar checker tool that you can use to remove typos, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes. As a student, you should have a professional edge over your classmates.

Grammatical and spelling mistakes can turn down your grades. You can leverage this tool to proofread your paper and remove all the writing flaws.

Most importantly, it also provides you with complete feedback. Many content writers, copywriters, marketers, and professors benefit from this tool.

The most surprising fact about this tool is that it has over 20 million users. Its robust algorithm quickly scans your writing errors. Its paid version has a plagiarism detector.

3.    Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a great tool for making your writing clear and concise. You have just written an essay and want to check its readability level.

You want a lot more than just fixing the typos and grammatical mistakes. This tool enables you to clean up your work and make it easier to read and comprehend.

Using this online tool, you can make your writing more powerful and clearer. When you paste the text in the specified area, Hemingway Editor automatically highlights the entire complex and hard-to-read sentences and other common errors.

Furthermore, this tool helps you to replace all the weakening phases. You know that passive voice sentences can lower your paper’s readability. This tool also highlights all the passive voice sentences so you can replace them with active voice.

Plus, this tool also offers you the formatting options like bold, italic, bullets, quotes, links, and numbers.

4.    Online Notepad

An online notepad is a feature-enriched tool that is easy to use. Its UI consists of an inbox section in which you can jot down your ideas. Whether it is an essay or other assignment, you can write whatever you want with maximum ease of access.

All you need to do is visit the homepage from any operating system and paste your text there. Also, you can upload an already existing document from your PC. Once you have written the text, you can come back to this document whenever you want and edit it to make your writing clear and concise.

Furthermore, it also counts the number of characters, words, and lines in your text. Using this notepad, you can keep track of your content’s length.

In simple words, this tool helps you to stick to a specific word count.

5.    Quillbot

Quillbot is a good online tool that assists students in rewriting paragraphs to fine-tune their content. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people so far.

This writing collaborator tool helps you to strike the right tone. It can rephrase any written text in multiple ways. Simply write or paste the text in the inbox area and let its AI works the rest.

Another benefit of using this tool is finding the best fit synonym for you and getting your perfect word. Whether you are writing an essay, research paper, case study, or any other piece of content, Quillbot has your back.

Its paid version includes:

  • Summarizer
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker

6.    Cliché finder

Clichés are boring and stale; therefore, you should avoid using them in academic writing. Your professors want you to stay creative. How to avoid clichés?

This is where a free cliché finder comes in handy. This online tool highlights all the clichés in your written content so you can remove them. In this way, you can improve your writing by eliminating the overused phrases.

Just paste your text into the inbox section and hit the “Find Clichés” icon. That’s it!

7.    Quetext

This plagiarism checker deeply examines your text to trace the plagiarized text and resolve other writing issues. Quetext is a good online tool for students who write their research papers and want to check their originality.

This plagiarism checker analyzes the text accurately and identifies the copied content. Plus, you can also generate with this tool.

This tool is designed to help you stay on the top of the track without spending time generating citations. With its paid version, you can check the authenticity of 200 pages.

8.    Citation Machine

This online tool generates citations effectively and saves your time. Instead of revisiting the sources you have used in the assignment, Citation Machine assists you in managing citations impressively.

Whether you are asked to use MLA or APA style, this tool creates the bibliography accurately. Just enter the citation information. Its user-friendly interface organizes your bibliography in your desired format.

Also, you can check your paper’s credibility for unintentional plagiarism and improve your writing style with its advanced recommendations option.

9.    Wrapping up

In this technological era, leveraging the right tools give you an edge over your classmates. I hope these eight tools will help you improve your writing style. Best of luck!


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