Top 8 Sand Casting Manufacturers

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Metal casting is when you heat metal until it becomes liquid. Then you pour the metal into a mold that will become its shape when it cools and solidifies. There are different ways to cast metal. These methods mean that you can make shapes in metal without having to do anything else. This is great because it means you don’t have to do a lot of work with the metal. And this is good for when you need a lot of something made really quickly. 

Sand casting is a simple metal casting method. You put sand around the foundry pattern. Then you do it again with another foundry pattern of the other half of the part. The two halves fit together to make a full mold for your metal casting. You pour metal into a mold and then the sand is removed once it cools. The process of pouring metal into a mold is not that different from how people usually cast things. 

Sand casting is good for any shape or size. It makes tiny things and big things alike. Molds are cheap to make, easy to use, and can be reused. This means that there is not much expense for low-cost items or short-term production runs. If you want a complex metal shape without the need for intense subtractive manufacturing methods, then a sand cast is your best bet. This type of cast is not as clean as some other types, but it still gives you the shapes you want. 

Top 8 sand casting manufacturers

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MetalTek International 

MetalTek International is a company that makes metal castings. They make sand, investment, continuous, and centrifugal metal castings for the aerospace, processing, defense, mining power industries. They use many kinds of steel and other metals to create parts that are heavy-duty and can resist wear or corrosion. 

Cadillac Casting, Inc.

Cadillac Casting, Inc. is a company in Cadillac, Michigan that makes castings for cars. They do this by using green sand and precision sand molds to make quality parts with consistent results. They also finish the casting products, inspect them, and test them after they are made.

CAB Incorporated 

CAB Incorporated is a company that makes alloys. They help people with jobs that involve metal, like hydraulic work, railroads, power generation, agriculture, mining, and more. They also make steel pipe flanges and wind tower flanges/components for their global supply chain.

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co.

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. makes aluminum and copper-based alloys for their customers. They use permanent molds, green sand, air set, and low-pressure molding to make different options of metal for their customers. Their headquarters is in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Ashland Foundry & Machine Works, LLC 

Ashland Foundry & Machine Works, LLC is a company that manufactures metal. They make castings of metal. The weight can range from a few pounds to over 10,000 lbs. They produce their own alloys and are capable of casting parts that are chemically tested for validation, heat-treated, and then machined to finish it.

Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc

Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. is a custom manufacturer of castings, OEM-style wear parts, and other things. They make sand molds that are suitable for one-off parts or high production runs. In their pattern shop, they have over 24,000 patterns with 2000 designs every year.

Aurora Metals Division, LLC 

Aurora Metals Division, LLC is a company that makes metal things. They have machines and people who can make all kinds of metal things, like pours and castings. They are a place where you might find metal parts for your project.

Plymouth Foundry, Inc

Plymouth Foundry, Inc. is a company that makes things for people who need them. They make farm equipment, energy equipment, HVAC equipment, and more things. They do many things to make the thing they make even better for you! Plymouth Foundry, Inc. is a company that makes green sand castings and other things for lots of different industries. They have been working from their headquarters in Plymouth, IN for over seventy years.