Top 7 Must Have Features for Medical Courier Service in UK

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Medical courier service is very important. All those medicines, medical equipment and treatments have to make their way to hospitals, pharmacies and eventually patients through them. There are some must have featured every responsible medical courier service in UK must have.

Medical courier service is more sensitive and critical than many other courier and logistics. Not only do service providers need to maintain integrity of equipment and medicine, most products come with special transportation requirements. Temperature maintenance and isolated shipping are some.

Additionally, government also places certain compliance legislation for medial courier service provider businesses. If you are trying to find a medial courier partner for your business, here are some of the top features they must have:

1: TRU and DOENI Compliant

Firstly, the medial courier partner you are about to work with should always be legalized. In the UK, we have the TRU (Transport Regulation Unit) and DOENI (Department of Environment) regulatory bodies. The selected medical courier service should have compliance for both.

It is very important for medical couriers to have these legal compliance for smooth operations. If and when their vehicles get pulled over by law enforcement offices, they must have valid documents at all times. Delays in shipping and confiscated cargo can result if these are missing in any case.

Make sure to check these valid documents with your selected courier service providers. Even if someone offers cheaper rates and is missing these compliance, it will surely not be worth the risk. For what you know, they can be running illegal activity of compliance are missing.

2: Advanced Medical Courier Service Optimized Vehicles

Optimized and specialized medical courier vehicles are one of the most basic necessity for service providers. Different bottled and packaged medicine, medical equipment and/or treatment utilities need to be temperature maintained. Some also need to be delivered separately in controlled environments.

Any quality medical courier service must have optimized specialized vehicles available. From keeping medicine usable and efficient to delivering on time, specialized vehicles always help. These medical courier type vehicles must always be used for medical products and accessories as well.

Specialized vehicles also help bring costs down for medial shipping products. Large number of products can be shipped in one vehicle making the overall invoice a lot cheaper. Be sure to look for specialized vehicles when trying to choose your medical courier service in UK.

3: Large Fleet of Parcel Collection and Delivery Vehicles

Another very important factor is how many vehicles courier company has at their disposal. Medical courier service can be required on urgent basis on any day of the year. Only companies with a large fleet of vehicles available at all times will come useful.

For urgent medical parcel collection and delivery, there should be a vehicle available in close proximity. Only courier services that have large fleet of well spread-out vehicles can promise such a service. Hospitals and medical institutions will always need medications and equipment urgently.

A service provider that offers same day courier UK service will be the best partner. They should be able to pickup from any location and delivery to any destination across the country as well. Select your medical courier service provider carefully.

4: History of Reliable On-Time Delivery

Reliability and positive customer feedback are very important factors for any medical courier service provider. These will be some of the most important qualifiers for all kinds of couriers as well. When selecting your medical courier partner, make sure to find out as much about them as you can.

Do your research and find out about the company, about the people who operate it and their history. The company should have a clean history and so should its people. Medical courier is a sensitive businesses and people operating it should be qualified and trustworthy at all times.

Your shortlisted courier company should be able to provide convenient service as well. Door to door courier for medical products and equipment is very important for all requirements. They should be able to pick up from a warehouse and deliver to the required hospital, pharmacy or patient directly.

5: Reliable Payment Process

Best courier service in UK will always offer easy payment processes. Since medical logistics can be an urgent service requirement as well, they should be able to process payments as suited. Online payments, automated processing and trustworthy finance operations should be available.

Faulty payment processors are often the main cause of delayed shipments in a lot of industries. Payment should always be the last of your worries when dealing with a quality medical courier service. No cargo should be delayed because of payment processing errors or unreliability.

6: All the Necessary Tools, Equipment and PPEs

Personal safety is always a huge page of reliable courier service. Your selected courier service should always provide the right tools, equipment and PPEs for their delivery people. Hand protection, body protection, head and feet protection should always be top priorities.

Correct medical shipping parcel or package handling tools must always be provided. All these features make the medical courier service safer for their people and for yours when receiving the shipment. Correct containers must be used to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

7: Proven Track Record in the Country

Lastly, any medical courier service in UK should always have a proven track record in the country. They should have prior experience if you are looking to do partnerships with them. Having provided previous medical courier help for other businesses should make them able to offer just what you need.

When the service provider is able to offer all required services, their prior experience can also be slightly compromised on. However, they should demonstrate the ability to move medical products, medicines and equipment from one place to another pretty efficiently.

Their network of vehicles and experience in the country should also make them able to deliver reliable service. Selecting the right medical courier partner is an important decision and will help you get most from your business. Make the right choice and avail its benefits in the times to come.