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In a world that highly values productivity and fashion as a way to express ourselves, it is time to evolve from the typical crossbody bags and fanny packs, by adding a spark of purpose to your set of fashion items with the amazing chest bag. For many women, wearing a chest bag is kind of inconsistent, while we all have seen them in leading fashion runways and red carpets, appearing to be an authentic and chic accessory to use, people don’t seem to wear it in the streets on a regular basis. If you can relate to this statement, you too probably have been thinking about ways to style a chest bag in the right way, because let’s face it, they are boldly fascinating. The good news now is that we are going to share our top 5 tips, which will help you rock that stunning chest bag like a fashionista, whether you want to wear it in your next big event or just to hang out in town with your best friends. Continue reading and find out how to make the most out of your bag.

1. Dare to go for that ‘90 look

Vintage always comes back and you can recreate amazing looks by wearing a colorful outfit, such as a skirt and shirt of the same color or an overall and a classic chest bag over it. You can pair it with some comfortable sneakers and get the Spice Girls vibes rolling all the way.

2. Over a formal suit

Blazers and suits can nowadays perfectly be worn outside of the office, and if you want to make sure to add a touch of model effect just cinch your suit with a cool vinyl or nylon chest bag. Then, you can complete the outfit with a femenine pair of shoes and fresh blue jeans, for a relaxed look.

3. Get puffy and sporty

The perfect style for an errands running day, is done by wearing a sport puffy coat, your favorite pair of sneakers and the finishing touch is made by adding a urbane chest bag. The best thing about this kind of laid-back outfit is that you can have them both, your femenine beauty and a comfortability for your daily activities, even when the day is busy. Plus, you add a super creative, fearless look when you use a trendy accessory like a chest bag.

4. Add innovation to the classic

If you try a traditional double-breasted coat with a chest bag, you will give it a completely fresh vibe that will make you look original, even if you wore your coat the last few seasons.

5. Combine it with a beautiful dress

In this case, you can put on a design with a chic pattern or a monochromatic dress, depending on the mode of your bag it will look better in one way or another. However, one thing is for sure, a chest bag will add shape, texture, color and personality to your overall look.