Top 5 Places to Buy Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

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Drug tests are conducted for different reasons. Sometimes, institutions want to consider their employees for more sensitive positions and require a drug test. Regardless of the reason, never let a drug test get in the way of your success. You may enjoy taking cannabis for relaxation and other purposes. Unfortunately, even legal cannabis in your system can set you back. It is worse when the drug tests at work are impromptu or within short notice that you are sure you will not pass.  

Rather than risk losing your position, you can consider the alternative of buying synthetic urine for the test. After all, most drug tests are urine-based, and there is a way to get around it even when you have some of the tested substances inside your system. Buy yourself synthetic urine and submit it with no fear.  However, you need to know where to get the best urine. Keep reading to uncover some cool sources that will come in handy when you need urgent help with your test. 


Test Clear

Make sure that you buy synthetic urine from trusted retailers only. While it is tempting to get very cheap urine from vendors you have no clue about, make sure to resist the temptation to do so. When synthetic urine is too cheap, you can bet that you will not pass any test. Instead, consider going for products that have been tried and tested. Test clear is a perfect example of a synthetic urine brand that will not disappoint. It is one of the most affordable and reliable urines you can buy in any market.  

You will find that it is easy to use, has no artificial preservatives, and comes with a reusable temperature strip. The company boasts of being the best and claims that their urine has never failed a test. They also claim that it is fake urine derived from human pee. Whether this is true or not is yet to be confirmed. However, going by the positive reviews of past users, it seems like Test Clear is one of the most authentic synthetic urine you can find out there.  

It is known to stop the detoxification process immediately, so there is no way you will fail a drug test with it. You have to prepare it and submit your urine for the test with confidence. Besides the positives and high recommendations, you may want to know a few of the cons that this pee comes with. It may not be the best solution for apt tests, and it also needs to be prepared since it comes in powder form.  


Test Negative Quick Luck 

As the name suggests, this may be the best synthetic urine you will find in the market today. It is a heat activator powder and comes as a unisex formulation that is easy to use. You will also love that it does not contain any toxins or biocide and is also completely undetectable. If you are pressed for a quick drug test solution and are unsure of your status, this may be the quick fix remedy you need. The company has been in business for over 16 years, making them an excellent producer of detox products and fake pee.  

The kit contains components of actual urine which is why it is very believable when submitted for drug testing. As one of the only products available currently with the ability to mimic natural human urine with precision, you can be sure that it is an excellent choice that will not fail you at any moment you use it.  

However, the only downside is that this perfect solution is costly to get. Moreover, not all of the company’s products come with a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of a mishap. This is the perfect synthetic urine to invest in if you have the money to spare since it rarely goes wrong. Many satisfied customers have reported excellent results even though they have had short notices. 


Test Negative Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit 

The sub-solution kit is another investment from Test Negative. The pocket-friendly version of the company’s fake urine will still offer reliable results for your urgent drug test. They are also free of toxins and have excellent results, though reasonably new.  

You can be sure that this fake pee will have a lot of resemblance to actual human pee and is likely to go unnoticed during drug tests. The only downside you have to contend with is that you have to prepare the urine yourself and that the kit does not come with a heating pad. However, it is cost-effective and easy to prepare and seems to overshadow the demerits. After all, customers who have used it since 2003 seem to have positive feedback since it works perfectly with tap water and is also great when used quickly. 


Test Clear Synthetic Urinator 

The Clear synthetic urinator test will do the trick if you need a quick fix for your job drug test. It is an excellent solution since it maintains the temperatures of the urine sample and increases your chances of passing the test. The technology used ensures that the urine sample remains at the appropriate temperatures until such a time that the test is done.  

This kit comes with instructions for use and is not complicated so that anyone can use it. What’s more, it is reusable and relatively safe to use. The only downside is that it is expensive, and you have to buy the device’s batteries separately. Besides that, you also need to prepare the urine since it does not come pre-mixed. 


Clear Choice Incognito Belt 

Another product from Test Negative allows you to carry out the test discreetly. This unique belt is a lightweight device that operates by gravity and delivers urine samples in a bag. Once you open the clip, the urine passes from the bladder bag through a drain tube.  

The urine is also free from toxins and biocide, thus easily resembles human pee even with color and density. It is ideal for unisex use, comes pre-mixed, and has a longer lifespan making it even more appropriate. However, it is expensive and does not have a heat activator liquid included in the kit. 


Final Thoughts 

Getting the ideal fake urine for a drug test is essential if the test outcome could influence your success at something. If you must pass the drug test and are unsure if you are likely to, it is good to consider synthetic urine.