Tips to wear ripped jeans for guys

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Distressed as well as ripped denim tends to come in fashion then disappear. Nowadays, many celebrities are making these ripped denim jeans be a part of their daily casual attire. This look is still trending. You may be confused on which ripped jeans to get and how to style them so that they look classy. The following aims to help you out:

Select a style which suits you

It is vital to select jeans that are based upon your own body type, style, shape as well as occasion. 

You can consider vintage denim that has been well loved, worn, as well as repaired some times. These tend to be destroyed jeans which get specially repaired after someone has worn the holes in them. 

You may purchase a factory made pair of some ripped jeans. Many brands are selling these nowadays. You should choose a pair which is well produced with rips as well as cuts which will enhance the appearance of the jeans. 

You can consider the eurotrash denim trend which has been popular for some years. When it comes to shredded denim, this is usually over the top, embellished as well as paint splattered. They may look cool but will not remain in style forever despite usually costing much cash. 

Remember that less is more when it comes to ripped jeans. Select brands that can create natural wear as well as rips. 

Get the correct ripped jeans

It is vital to select your rips as well as tears carefully. You need to keep in mind that too much often does not look good. Paint splatters are something that are even popular. These jeans will not be appropriate to wear to the office or in a casual setting. 

You should also learn to wear the ripped jeans on carefully because wayward feet can tear the rips more. 

Pairing the distressed jeans right

You need to pair the ripped jeans right if you want them to look good. You can for instance wear them with a leather jacket. This is a popular combination, if you select black distressed jeans. When you choose a pair of skinny jeans, make sure that the jacket has a looser silhouette. For example you can look for affordable black ripped skinny jeans if skinny jeans suit your body shape. 

When the jeans have some wider leg, the jacket must fit. If you want to distress the jeans much, the jacket must not be overly vintage. 

You can pair the jeans with some button-down shirt that is in a bold color if you want to get a smart casual ripped look. They also look good with hoodies and t-shirts. 

You should choose the right footwear as well because it gives a finishing touch to your complete outfit. If you are for instance wearing slim fitting distressed jeans, you can pair them with sneakers. When the jeans drape, choose low shoes. 

It is possible to create a stylish look with your ripped jeans when you get the right ones and pair them perfectly.