Tips to choose right shade of hard wood floor

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Our home is a reflection of our personality and its interiors speak volume about our living style. When it comes to an elegant interior designing, floor plays an important role to create a certain style in your home.

Homeowners while evaluating new flooring options feel overwhelmed by the benefits and beauty of wood. Nothing can beat the look and advantages of wood floors as these not only look classy but are also comfortable, durable and surprisingly affordable.  A hardwood floor is both beautiful and pleasant to walk on.

If you’re considering having a wood floor in your house, you will be surprised to find a myriad of available choices.  It is noteworthy that not every type of wood flooring is suitable for every application.

While selecting the right type of wood floor for your application, you need to consider its appearance, feel, color and maintenance. There is a wide range of color options available and the selection of color has a strong impact on how the room is perceived.  It is important to choose the right color of wood which matches a wide range of decorating styles.

Light Wood Floors

Light wood floors are a preferred option for those looking to add space to the room as a light wood floor reflects the light to brighten a room. Nowadays, white stained hardwood flooring is becoming a popular choice for farmhouse or vintage styles. However, avoid white if you have an issue of dust from outside and go for blonde. Size and ceiling height is an important consideration for selecting the color of the wood. For a low ceiling and smaller space, light-colored flooring and walls work well. As compared to dark wood floors, light wood floors are more casual. Lighter shades are easy to clean and don’t reveal scratches much.

Dark Hardwood

The most popular choice among homeowners is the dark hardwoods that have remained a staple for years. Dark hardwood is easily available with all flooring companies. The elegant rich brown floor adds contrast to a room, particularly with white décor. Some people avoid dark floor because it gulps down a lot of light. However, these are a perfect choice to create a sense of warmth and coziness. As compared to lighter shade woods, this one catches more dust and makes scratches more visible.

Medium-tone Hardwoods

If you’re looking for something in between dark wood and light, the medium-hue family is for you. This range has a lot of variety, like cognacs, gunstock, and medium brown or antique brown. Thus, these are neither too light nor too dark. However, the color needs to be selected keeping in mind the décor of the room. Avoid shades that are too red, pinkish or orange because it makes room decoration a daunting task.

Gray Wood Floors

Gray wood floors have emerged as a new trend. This hardwood hue gives a fresh new look to the floors that are not as intense as blonde or espresso. However, it is important that the color of your floor complements the color of your furniture or walls.

Overall, color selection is all about your personal style or the style of the room. You can certainly never go wrong with high-quality hardwood floors. If you are looking for a modern look, dark and black tones can be a good choice. While to have a classic look, natural and unstained wood or traditional shades of brown will work well.